Black Lightning(S02E15) “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One: The Alpha”

Alright guys and gals we had another great episode brought to us, and once again to my readers and I swear this is the last time I’ll say this, this time around, I do apologize for the late review but it couldn’t be helped but lets get to this review cause we have a lot to talk about!

So in this episode, Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) feels the need to lay out some ground rules when him and his two daughters are out there being superheroes and I feel like the main reason why Jefferson brought up these rules is because he doesn’t want Jennifer (China McClain) to go down a path of a dark hero or anti-hero limitations like how Jennifer has been thinking so far. But can you really blame her? She even made a vow at Khalil’s grave saying she is going to kill Tobias (Marvin Jones III) and we know that Jennifer is only thinking about that for most of the time.

But on a bright side we had our first look at Jennifer’s super suit even though it wasn’t ready but Jennifer chose to try it out anyway and we all saw at the ending of the episode how that turned out. But I do have to admit that the super suit does look good, and I’m sure once Gambi (James Remar) actually finishes with the final touches of the suit then it will look bad ass! But first Jennifer has to slow her role and just wait for it to be ready, she can’t be all speedy for it because that’s how mistakes are made.

And has Anissa (Nafessa Williams) finally figured out that the person she fought was Grace? I think she’s starting to understand a bit about Grace but I think it will be explored more in Season 3. I just have a feeling that when Anissa does find Grace, that Grace is going to try to push Anissa away, but we all have to wonder, will Anissa tell Grace about herself? Will we see the two of them become the super couple like in the comics?  I sure hope so!

And we saw Lala (William Catlett) speak with Lazarus (Michael Wright) and Lazarus made some pretty compelling points about Lala. That he does hate always dying and coming back to life but if he kills Tobias then it will not only help Lala’s pain but Lazarus’s pain as well. After all he hasn’t been the same after Lady Eve died by Tobias’s hands but no one was able to put Tobias away because there weren’t enough proof. But even Lazarus wants Tobias dead and encourages Lala to go after Tobias and kill him. Little does Lala and Lazarus know that now Tobias as a super team now. The supervillain that we had a chance in meeting and seeing him in action was Joe/Heatstroke (Esteban Cueto) and he sure was a fire starter, sure did cause a lot of chaos in this episode but it looks like since he gets away that Jefferson and Anissa will have another opportunity to face off against Heatstroke in another episode.

And is Dr. Jace (Jennifer Riker) trying to create a love competition against Cutter (Kearran Giovanni) I don’t know about anyone else but it sure did feel that way in this episode. Especially when Jace spoke with Tobias alone and it seemed like she was trying to get closer to Tobias in order to cut Cutter lose but it didn’t work and I think Jace may feel a little heartbroken over it but we shall see.

Next Episode: Black Lightning(S02E16) “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega” airs Monday March 18, 2019 at 9/8c on The CW