Good Girls (S02E02) “Slow Down, Children at Play”

Looks like our good girls are slowly getting the hang of being bad. Last weeks’ season premiere took us on a rollercoaster ride that we’re still riding on.

Annie(Mae Whitman), Beth(Christina Hendricks) and Ruby(Retta) not only have to deal with their family issues, but also, the gift that Rio(Manny Montana) gave them—a gun.  Rio wants Leslie (David Hornsby) dead before he testifies for the Feds. This episode kicked off with the girls meeting at Dandy Donuts, of all places, to come up with a plan to kill Leslie. Annie delights us with her gun swinging skills, and yes, she watches The First 48.  She is the only one hell-bent on

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Christina Hendricks, Retta, Mae Whitman/Justin Lubin/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Annie, Beth and Ruby lure Leslie out to kill him, but was unsuccessful.  At first, Leslie thought it was a game until he realized the gun was real.  Beth, unable to pull the trigger, offers to give him money–$20K.  Why is Beth is always offering up money they don’t have?


While picking up Sadie (Isaiah Stannard), Annie is forced to listen to Nancy(Sally Pressman) discuss the details of her upcoming gender reveal party, and gets an invite in the process.  Apparently,  Annie is the only one that understands what its like to be “Pregs with Greggs.” While speaking with someone she thought was Nancy’s friend, she realized she could get the money they need to payoff Leslie at the party.  Annie goes through the guests’ handbags looking for money and whatever else she could steal.  Gregg(Zach Gilford) walks in on her and they end up talking about the baby.  Gregg admits that he is happy(about the baby), but still wants to be with Annie…go figure.  BTW, Annie steals the keys to a Tesla for Beth and Ruby to sell. Per Dean, if you are going to steal a car, it should be a Honda.

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Good Girls–Mae Whitman

I can’t forget to mention that Nancy confides in Annie about Gregg.   Annie inadvertently spills the beans on the baby’s gender to Nancy—it’s a boy! She senses Greggs withdrawal and feels he doesn’t want the baby.  We can agree that Gregg probably doesn’t really know what he wants because of his commitment issues…just a thought. By the end of the episode, Nancy shows up unexpectedly at Annie’s.  She tells Annie about confronting Gregg and him admitting there is another woman.  You don’t say.  Annie downplays the entire thing and reassures Nancy that things will change once the baby is born.  The doorbell rings and guess who…GREGG!  Did Annie forget he was coming over?  I mean, she could have texted with a heads up.  Gregg starts talking and looks up, only to see Nancy sitting on the couch.


Ruby and Stan(Reno Wilson) are in counseling with their Pastor(Damien Leake).  Since Ruby can’t admit to what she’s been involved with to the Pastor, she concedes to having an affair.  Don’t fret, Stan sort of led her to this farce of a confession by listings some of her actions.  Stan admits that Ruby is his best friend and loves her despite everything.

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Reno Wilson, Retta

In order to pay Leslie, the $20K, Ruby forges Stan’s name on a payday loan.  After stealing a car and selling the parts (Yup, they stole a Honda), Ruby comes home to see Stan once again making his bed on the couch. Ruby finally reaches her breaking point.  Ruby lets Stan know that because she robbed the grocery store, she was able to save Sara’s (Lidya Jewett) life. This was important for so many reasons.  In a way, it was a wakeup call to Stan.  Ruby risked everything for him and their children.  It was like a light bulb went off and suddenly Stan saw the light.  Before the end of the episode, Stan made his way back to their bed.  Without saying much, Stan takes Ruby’s hand and kisses it. Ruby had her man back.


Beth is doing the absolute most.  She has to deal with Dean (Matthew Lillard), whom by the way is still recovering from his gunshot wound and is obsessed with the stop sign not being fixed.  I guess its fair given they almost an accident twice.  Dean wants to help, but Beth assures him she has everything under control.  After paying off (or so she thought) Leslie and getting him out of her life, Beth meets with Rio at her son’s swim practice.  She lies about killing Leslie.  When are we going to learn that Rio is always a step ahead? Apparently, our good girls forget to shoot the gun so it wouldn’t have a fully loaded  chamber.

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Good Girls–Christina Hendricks, Manny Montana–Justin Lubin/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

Meanwhile, Dean goes back to work to prove his manhood, but ends up reopening his gunshot wound.  Beth later meets with the girls to discuss yet another killing plan.  While driving home, with Annie and Ruby in tow, Beth reaches her breaking point. She stops and beats down a stop sign. Presumably she took it to replace the one she originally destroyed.   The end of the episode finds Beth, in her pajamas, fixing the broken stop sign.  She turns and sees Rio watching from his car.  Beth tells him that she is tired and can’t do it anymore.  Her watery eyes lock in his gaze.  Rio gently pushes her side bang away from her eyes and says, “I’m going to teach you.”  I felt like ice melting away.  Rio has a way with words and looks.

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Good Girls–Manny Montana, Christina Hendricks


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