The Enemy Within (S01E03) – “The Ambassador’s Wife”


100 miles of the coast of Cartegena, Columbia we see a 4-man DEA patrol boat on way to a mayday call. When arriving it turns out to be a trap and all 3 DEA agents were executed. Another tie to Tal. Back in DC, we see Bragg (Noah Mills) escorts Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) from holding to the conference room. En route, Shepherd notices all the documents on desks and screen and knows already what its about before setting foot in the conference room. Keaton (Morris Chestnut) briefs her further on the situation: 13 DEA agents killed in the past week, most likely killed by the Morales Cartel as retaliation for a string of drug busts. It ties to Tal as he finances his attacks through the selling of classified intel, and a high-level US official is helping them. The team goes through the backgrounds of the 20 officials who know about the classified intel. Going through the intel Shepherd realizes who it is – Dennis Gordon, US Ambassador to Columbia. Drawing on her time in the CIA, after an embassy bombing Gordon (Michael Cumpsty) deemed it unnecessary for extra protection because he didn’t feel the Morales cartel was a threat because he was working with them.

TEW S01E03 ANOTHER MOLE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
Tal’s reach knows no bounds, as a mole is made known at one of the highest levels in government. 1 of these 20, is another mole of Tal’s.

Bragg and FBI Special Agent Jacquelyn Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) are put on round the clock surveillance on Gordon. At his son’s soccer game, Ambassador Gordon uses his son’s phone to talk to the Morales Cartel, that way any taps on his own phone would bear no fruit. Back at HQ, Keaton comes to fetch Shepherd but she won’t go. Shepherd says she’s here to help Keaton with Tal and he allows her to see her daughter. Keaton says he agreed to protect her and she’s being protected. Shepherd won’t go and Keaton says she’s going back to ADMAX tonight. She calls his bluff. Keaton closes the door and walks away, but Shepherd asks what he remembers about Laine. Shepherd starts to rehash a memory she has with her daughter back in Calusa Beach. All she asks is for him to call her and Keaton agrees.

TEW S01E03 SHEPHERD CALL 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
All Shepherd wants is to see her daughter, but all her daughter wants is the opposite

Back in the bullpen, the team agrees to put a tracker on his DEA folio at the private party Ambassador Gordon and his wife is hosting tonight. Shepherd mentions Gordon’s wife, Elizabeth (Kaili Vernoff), as someone to carry out the task, Zain (Raza Jaffrey) disagrees profusely but Keaton agrees and allows Shepherd to convince her. Shepherd uses Elizabeth’s son as an in and starts to present the evidence against her husband. Elizabeth then uses her own emotions about what she and Hannah are going through to encourage Elizabeth that what she’s doing is for her son because she loves him more than anything else. We really begin to see the emotional pain Shepherd is going through regarding her daughter. But it was worth it as Elizabeth agrees.

TEW S01E03 SHEPHERD ELIZABETH 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
Keaton watches as Shepherd personalizes her own situation with Hannah to convince the Ambassador’s wife to help them

Keaton meets with Cruz (Coral Pena) and we see her try to weasel her way into the task force because she is of no use to Tal on the outs. Keaton doesn’t budge, so she changes her tactic. Cruz invites Keaton to the memorial ceremony at Langley, she’s using his feelings about Laine against him. Keaton doesn’t budge but agrees to think about it. Ryan (Kelli Garner) runs through the logistics with Ambassador Gordon’s wife. Her necklace will have a micro HD camera so they’ll see what she sees. Ryan also shows her the DEA pouch, gives her the master key and shows her where to plant the tracker. Keaton has Shepherd talk to her to calm her nerves and Shepherd assures her about the mission and promises to always be there. Keaton doesn’t like this but ultimately gives in because of the plan. Shepherd confronts Keaton about lying about calling Hannah, so he tells her the truth. The truth is that Hannah doesn’t want to see her.

TEW S01E03 CRUZ KEATON 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
Cruz is pushing hard to get back on the task force because with Shepherd there, the FBI is making major progress against Tal

At the private event, Bragg and Pettigrew are on the perimeter and Keaton and Zain a block away. Keaton tells Elizabeth they’re on location at her house, to assure her all will be alright. After a brief conversation with her Gordon and their son, she decides it’s time. On her way, all feeds cut out – audio and video. Unsure what to do, she goes into a bathroom to find out what’s happening. Pettigrew sees the vehicle that just pulled up and realized it’s a Congressional vehicle. And they carry a GSM blocker. Pettigrew quickly gets the car turned off and all feeds are back. Elizabeth very unsure of the plan, she asks to speak to Shepherd and she calms her down by personalizing her feelings for her daughter and how everything she does is for her child. Elizabeth calms down and continues on the mission. She finds the pouch unlocks it and places the tracker but hears Gordon coming to the room. She quickly puts it away and hides in the bathroom. Once Gordon’s in the room she comes out and is about to leave when he stops her. He soon realizes she opened the pouch and finds the tracker. She turns on him and exposes all his done and that she’s working with the FBI. Gordon moves towards her and she takes the gun from the drawer and moves out of the room, the FBI moves in. Gun pointed at Gordon, Elizabeth is scared and doesn’t know what to do, FBI arrives and Keaton tries to calm her down. But her son shows up, she looks at him, Gordon tries to grab the gun, and Elizabeth fires.

TEW S01E03 GORDON 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
Shepherd’s plan quickly goes south once Gordon finds out about the FBI

Back at HQ, Keaton and Zain talk. Keaton mentions Gordon didn’t make it and they get into it. Zain doesn’t like the way Keaton is running things, only listening to Shepherd, running things like its the CIA. Keaton meets with Elizabeth and she says that this doesn’t matter because as long as she is with her son, everything will be okay. Keaton decides to go to the CIA memorial service. Talking to Cruz about how he got through it, she convinces him to allow her back on the team. And during the service we see Keaton look to the stars on the wall and remembers Laine. After the service, Keaton hands Shepherd his phone and gives her 5 minutes to talk to Hannah. The call goes to voicemail and she leaves a message. A heartfelt message about how she feels about her, that she understands she wants to know more and that she understands how she feels. And that if she doesn’t want to see her again, she’ll understand and that her decision won’t change how much she loves her. Because nothing could ever make her love any less.

TEW S01E03 HANNAH 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E03) - "The Ambassador's Wife"
Hannah is struggling to come to terms with her mom being back in her life and the secrets surrounding it


Thanks for reading the recap on episode 3, The Enemy Within. The Enemy Within is starting to show promise. The characters are developing, the storyline too. Episode 3 was somewhat of a side-plot, mainly about Cruz getting on the team and Shepherd and Hannah. It’s going a little slow for now, but I’m excited for what is to come. The promo for episode 4 is below, and from that promo, you shall see that things are quickly going to heat up. Catch more series on TVSeriesHub. Until next week, Enjoy!