A.P. Bio (S02E02) “Nuns’

Could Jack get away of taking back of what is his even though it belongs to the church? Here’s a recap!


190308 3919573 Nuns - A.P. Bio (S02E02) "Nuns'

After becoming the new Driver’s Ed instructor, Jack sees an opportunity to take what belongs to him when he learns that before his mother died donated money to the church for a statue. Trying to get his class to help him pull it off, none wanted to do it. That was until he gets three of them for the driver’s class and gets Victor to drive to the church.

Anthony, who goes to this church, doesn’t want to help but after a little convincing he does. But the next day, Ralph and Helen informed Jack about the church called about their statue was stolen and a witness saw the school Driver’s ed car. Thinking that they would send a priest to interview Jack’s students turned out to be nuns.  A freakout Jack worries and gets his students to lie at their best; but these nuns can see right through them, but without telling them anything.

Jack learns that Anthony left his retainer at the church and decides to get the students to return the statue while he talks with the nuns. In the process, Jack gets interrogated by the nuns and comes clean that he could have been a better son to his mother. But before confessing, the nuns get a call that their statue had returned.

“Nun” was a good episode that probably would bring back so memories of a childhood encounter with nuns. Even though the chemistry between Jack, Victor, Heather, and Anthony is amazing and they play one another perfectly in the episode. The chemistry between Ralph and Helen is unbelievable; even if they were in the episode for a short time. The episode had good writing and good character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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