Superstore (S04E11) “Steps Challenge”

Sometimes you just got to motivate your co-workers to show that your store is better than the rest. Here’s a recap of Thursday’s episode of Superstore.

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Corporate gets all of their Cloud 9 stores to do the Steps Challenge to see who can not only stay fit but who will have the most steps within the week. After getting their downgrade Fitbit watches, our beloved Cloud 9 store coworkers not motivated to do the challenge; Amy, Dina, and Jonah come up with a way to get them to motivate: telling them that another store is making fun of them.

After the first-day things were looking good; Amy and Dina took it to another level. They get the gang to think that Bel-Ridge sprayed painted the outside store with profound names. That led to everyone hating Bel-Ridge and not only calling out a customer, but some of the employees went to Bel-Ridge to make their store a mess and dump hot deer urine.

As Glenn got word about what happened at Bel-Ridge; Amy confesses that she wanted everyone to participate in the challenge because she wanted to win and also Dina wanted to beat Colleen but she didn’t admit it.  Genn tries to write a letter to the Bel-Ridge Cloud 9 store manager with Garrett that turned into an “I love you” letter in a way. As things were looking good; Jonah let someone go in their breakroom. Didn’t realized that Bel-Ridge made a comeback at them by destroying their breakroom.

“Steps Challenge” was such a hilarious and memorable episode. There were many moments that made this episode a standout; from Amy, Dina, and Jonah discussing how the other stores doing the step challenge; to Glenn’s accidents plus writing a letter to the Bel_Ridge manager with Garrett’s help.  Strong writing with great character development. The ensemble cast gave a great performance. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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