Will & Grace (S10E15) “Bad Blood”

There is something potent when it comes to the way shows approach real-world issues. Will & Grace has been able to weave the raw moments of life between the lines of comedy, fine-tuning a delicate balance. The writers know how to keep the audience engaged and leave them thinking. Spoilers Ahead.

Jack (Sean Hayes) is dealing with the stress of his upcoming wedding and wanting his “one-man” play to succeed. Even with the aid of Karen (Megan Mullally), things seem to be rapidly spiralling out of control. It doesn’t help that Karen is funding for not only his creative endeavours, but also his wedding, trying to take control of everything. It starts to take a toll on the two friends, causing an unwanted rift. There needs to be some give and take.

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Karen and Jack. BFF. Right? (Photo: NBC/Google)

Meanwhile, Grace (Debra Messing) and Will’s (Eric McCormack) parents have decided to come for a visit. Their relationship has progressed nicely since the last time we saw them. This being their second chance at love, they seem to be quite suited for each other. Living life without conflict can be blissful, but how ideal is it? When Martin (Robert Klein) is rushed to the hospital after chest pains, it starts to bring other issues into perspective. Especially when it’s revealed that Martin needs a blood transfusion.

Will just so happens to have the same blood type as Martin, not giving a second thought to donating his blood in order to help someone he considers family. The tale takes a dramatic twist when Grace uncovers her father’s true thoughts about Will. Refusing to take his blood because of Will’s selected lifestyle. Just because he is gay, doesn’t mean he is unclean. There is still an unsettling stigma that surrounds them, this just brings it into the light, that the problem is still there, and so is the misinformation.

Better Days Ahead

When heavy plots like this are brought into shows, it adds another dynamic to the series. They are not afraid to face these problems and call attention to what continues to happen in modern-day society. It is quite potent when Will stands up and says he is tired of fighting, for every single aspect of his life. He is tired of proving to the world that he is just as worthy as anyone else out there. People need to keep growing, evolving, because the fight will never quite be over.

willandgraces10e15 - Will & Grace (S10E15) “Bad Blood”
Time to move forward. (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

In an uncharacteristic event, Marilyn (Blythe Danner) raises her own brand of hell when the truth about what Martin has done comes out. In the end, even though there is a lot more work to do, Will and Martin are able to come together. They have been in each others lives for a very long time, and they genuinely care for each other. Just like Karen and Jack will continue to butt heads, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other either. In the end, they all have each other, even if thoughts and feelings are different. The show is endearing and real, and that’s what keeps people coming back.

Oh and Jack? Jack will get his unicorn.


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