Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E10) “Gintars”

As Jake helps Charles with a family problem; Rosa and Terry think that Amy and Holt’s favorite forensic guy could be a fraud. Here’s a recap!!


brooklyn nine nine s6e10 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E10) "Gintars"

When Jake noticed that he and Charles are being followed, they lose him just enough to surprise him. But it would be a surprise to them as it was Gintars, Charle’s adoptive son’s real father. Charles lets his son bond with Gintars and soon it starts to worry on him. After hearing all the moaning and groaning, Jake tries to help and gets Gintars to confess that his GAPE clothing company is fake and gets him arrested. After stopping the whole arrested with Gintars, Jake fixed it and apologize to Charles for his  helping, but added with two best friends hats that happen to not fit/

As Rosa and Terry have a hard time closing a murder case of locating blood; Holt and Amy summoned Dr. Yee, a forensic guy that specializes with flies that can indicate blood. Of course, Amy and Holt go gaga over him but Terry and Rosa have a feeling that he’s not all that great til Rosa got to try them out and learn that Yee’s flies can’t indicate blood. Yee confesses to Holt and Amy and apologize, but Rosa got to use those flies by getting a confession out of the suspect.

Meanwhile, Terry has been going throw bug issues at home; and not only shaved his eyebrows but bleach his goatee as well. Even with a peel on fake eyebrows it still didn’t help as everyone still made fun of him.

“Gintars” was a very good episode. As much as I enjoyed the Amy/Holt/Terry/Rosa storyline; it was the Jake/Charles storyline that was one that I enjoyed the most and probably one of my favorites between the two characters. The episode had strong writing and performances from Samberg and Truglio. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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