Grace and Frankie (S05E02) “The Squat”

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The second episode of Grace and Frankie Season 5 resumes with Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin)  waking up in their empty house. They are still resolved to getting it back. The have realised that their next challenge is getting their belongings back from Walden Villas. Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) are meanwhile having problems with Jeff (Michael Gross) and his relationship, when they get a call from Grace and Frankie asking them for help.

This leads to Robert and Sol’s turn to confront Grace and Frankie, which needless to say doesn’t go well. We then see that the kids are drawing straws to see who has to tell them they have to move back to Walden Villas. Brianna (June Diane Raphael) looses, despite her best efforts.

She arrives back to Grace and Frankie’s to see that they have convinced Robert and Sol to collect all of their things. She tries the tactic of pretending to be friendly and take them to Mallory’s (Brooklyn Decker) for Macklin’s birthday party. This doesn’t work and results in Frankie declaring that she is “undraggable”, and then spoiling West World for Brianna. This causes her  to finally give up and leave.

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We later see Grace and Frankie trying to ring the realtor trying to figure out who the buyer is. Mystery pigs enter the house, followed by Benjamin LeDay (Rupaul). After Benjamin leaves, the pigs stay and that night Grace and Frankie have a slumber party. Grace makes the revelation to Frankie that she has kissed a girl, but has never been to a slumber party.

Jeff and Peter (Tim Bagley) have now taken over Robert and Sol’s house, and Robert and Sol now realise that they need to do something about it. They take Jeff for lunch to try to fix the problem, but only make things worse by mentioning the “open relationship” he has with Peter. Jeff reveals that they do not, in fact, have an open relationship. Peter later shows up at the door with a giant dog, and Robert and Sol have no choice but to let him stay as it is their fault.

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Meanwhile, back at Grace and Frankie’s all the kids have once more arrived to try to get them out. They have arrived to a scene of chaos, with Grace and Frankie sleeping on the ground surrounded by their belongings and the pigs. We finally see that Kareena G (Nicole Richie) is the mystery buyer. She needs a place to lay low as she posted a video online of some kids saying “eat sh*t Kristen Bell”. That is her reason for buying the beach house.

At the climax of the episode, Grace and Frankie force their way past Benjamin LeDay to make one last attempt to get their house. They ultimately convince Kareena G that she should go “be a snake in Santa Fe” instead. Here they also discover that Kareena G also has a tattoo of the words “F*ck it” on her arm, which is now their catchphrase. While all of this is happening, Benjamin LeDay quits.

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Grace and Frankie make a video with Kareena G which shows them saying “eat sh*t Kristen Bell”.  The end of the episode shows them smoking a joint on the beach together. Grace starts making whale noises and teaching Kareena G how. This causes Grace to declare that “I miss the pigs”.

The main weakness I’m seeing in the writing as the show progresses is that the women no longer seem to be able to solve their own problems. They must be rescued by the men time and time again, even though Robert and Sol are the same age. Their issues revolve around factors unrelating to their age. In contrast, Grace and Frankie seem to be falling victim to their age much more. I’d definitely like to see some other stories explored for them this season. The “older women need saving” issue is just getting a bit stale. They are clearly in perfect mental health.

In conclusion, while they still haven’t moved away from the issue of the house, it seems to be resolved now. I’m hoping that this means that things will go back to being focused on their personal lives. I also would really like to see more explored in relation to. Brianna and Mallory in this season.

Season 5 of Grace and Frankie is available to stream on Netflix.