The Goldbergs (S06E18) “The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook”

The Goldbergs (S06E18) “The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook”

Well, once again I have skipped a review. I guess Beverly is much more determined (read: less lazy) in writing her cookbook than I am with these reviews. video to gif 1 - The Goldbergs (S06E18) "The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook"

Just a short review about the episode ‘Our Perfect Strangers’: Wendi McLendon-Covey is amazing and all I need to prove that is this collage of this hilarious scene:

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A Cooking Show

Anyway, onto the new episode. Beverly has been working hard on her cookbook, inspired by her 1980-something cooking hero Julia Child. But all the Jenkintown publishers don’t believe in her cookbook and with that crush Beverly’s dream. To be able to sell her cookbook anyway, Beverly comes up with the brilliant plan to start a cooking show just like Julia. She gets Adam to be her director and on-camera sidekick. Adam reluctantly agrees to help her.

At the first rehearsal things go wrong already because Beverly turns into Julia Child when she’s in front of the camera. Adam has seen enough and quits because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed on TV. When Beverly hears this, she tells Adam that he’s way more embarrassing to her than she is to him, but because she loves him so much she doesn’t care about being embarrassed and helps him anyway. That Adam doesn’t want to help her, shows Beverly that he doesn’t love her as much.

After a talk with his friends, who apparently also think he’s embarrassing, Adam realizes he hurt his mom and needs to make it up to her.

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Adam’s friends pretending he’s not embarrassing.

Adam agrees to go on public television with his mom to do a cooking show. He encourages her to go for it and supports her completely. And this time, it’s not Beverly who messes up, it’s Adam. He freezes up and can’t do anything in front of a TV camera. Beverly however shines even without her sidekick and kills it. Beverly is happy that Adam chose to help her, and is willing to forget about Adam embarrassing her again by passing out on TV.

Barry’s recommendation letters

Barry finds out he has to get recommendation letters to apply to college. Barry tries to get a letter the easy way by asking Dr. Katman, the science teacher who never says no to anything (played by Steve Guttenberg). When Barry gets his letter, Erica gets in his head so Barry opes the letter, even though that makes the letter unusable for his college applications. Instead of just opening the letter, he uses the ‘Murder She Wrote’ technique to iron the letter open. However, he fails and destroys his letter.

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Barry goes back to Dr. Katman to get a new letter. But when Barry tells him what happened, Dr. Katman says no for the first time ever. Now that Dr. Katman won’t help him anymore, Barry goes to every other teacher for a recommendation letter, but they all decline. When Murray finds out he gives Barry a recommendation letter he got from Dr. Katman. But when Dr. Katman gives Barry another letter of recommendation the next day, Barry finds out it was Murray who wrote the letter he gave him. Barry is happy with his father’s support and continues to apply for colleges.


I really enjoyed this episode. It was really nice to see the family be so supportive of each other. The episode had some great heartfelt moments. As we’ve seen many times this season, Murray is very supportive and sweet to his family, more than he was before. This was seen again when Barry reads the letter his father wrote about him. I really like it that we get to see some character development with Murray this season.

This episode didn’t just have heartfelt moments, it had some really funny scenes as well. I especially liked the cooking show rehearsal which featured a fantastic performance of Wendi McLendon-Covey, imitating Julia Child.

But there were many more hilarious things like Pops as a Ninja Turtle, Murray sneaking up to everybody whenever he heard the ‘college’, Erica and Barry trying to avoid saying the word ‘college’, Adam freezing up and passing out on screen and of course every scene with the JTP.

Something I also really enjoyed was the transition between this episode of The Goldbergs and the new episode of Schooled. The writers usually try to make that happen, and it works because both shows have the same feel and structure. But this week it was really great. It effortlessly went from the JTP talking about reunions to an actual reunion in 1990-something. Also, if you haven’t watched this episode of Schooled yet, please watch it immediately. The latest episode features some familiar faces like Carla, Evie and of course Erica Goldberg.


This was another really great episode of The Goldbergs, with many heartfelt moments, but the writers didn’t forget to put in the usual Goldberg jokes in there either, making this a funny and balanced episode.

With all these episodes about Beverly’s cookbook, I’m so ready for it. And so is the real Bev, apparently:

A new episode of The Goldbergs airs Wednesday March 20th, 8/7c on ABC. And don’t forget about Schooled airing right after it!