Arrow(S07E16) “Star City 2040”

Alright guys and gals we had a fantastic episode tonight and it was definitely a fantastic one! But I have a theory in who Eden Corp really are but we will get to that in a little bit, and a character we thought was dead is not so we will also talk about that as well, and we have quite a bit more to talk about as well so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we had a full episode brought to us into the world of Star City 2040, but more importantly we had more insight on how Mia (Katherine McNamara) has been raised by Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and surprisingly trained by Nyssa Al’Ghul (Katrina Law) which it’s good to see Nyssa but it also means that sometime in the events from 2019 to 2040 Nyssa and Thea end their quest for destroying the lazarus pits but exactly what year did the two of them end their quest, it’s something that I feel like would be nice to have answered but I also understand that they need to focus on other things as well like Mia’s story for the future flash forward scenes. But we also see that Nyssa left Mia her bow and arrows which means that Nyssa is giving up in this future being an archer and if she’s giving up her bow and arrows, what will Nyssa do with the rest of her days on Earth?

We also see that everyone thinks that Eden Corp. is a dead company, for those that don’t know what Eden Corp. is, it’s an organization that works on protecting the world from dangerous threats that will destroy the earth, kind of like vigilantes but for global warming in a way. Or at least that’s what that organization is, but in the series the way how they make the mission of the company sound by making Star City in the image of what the glades can be, that’s the mission of a different organization that goes by many names, one of those names is Inferno, another in the Ninth Circle, and many more but with every name they go by and apparently they go by another name in this series if it truly is The Ninth Circle and truth be told I think it is The Ninth Circle but they probably wont release that name probably until the season finale or next season but I think it would be better if they did do the reveal to the real organization’s name by the ending of the season or close to the ending. But everything is being led to The Ninth Circle wither I am right or not we will soon find out!

As for Mia, the way how she handles the bow and arrows in this episode, I can definitely see one of these seasons wither this one or the final season but I want to see Mia in the Speedy superhero suit that’s yellow and black, she already has the black bow that Speedy uses so it would make sense that she gets the right suit for the bow as well am I right or am I wrong?  I mean if Mia ends up being the one who goes after the Ninth Circle with Felicity then Mia is going to be needing a super suit and it would be nice to see it as yellow and black. Lets hope we get to see this suit!

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