Black Lightning(S02E16) “The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega”

Alright guys and gals we had a fantastic season finale that was brought to us tonight and boy was it a great one! So we do have some questions but mainly about what might be in store for the main picture of season 3, but after that we got quite a bit to talk about so lets get to this review!

So in this episode we see that Tobias (Marvin Jones III) is setting his plan in motion to make the city turn on itself by turning the power off, with this plan to be set into motion he needed all his members of The Masters of Evil which includes Rebecca Jones/New Wave (Brooke Ence), Darryl Robinson/Coldsnap (Derrick Lewis), and Joe/Heatstroke (Esteban Cueto), we all saw in the last episode what destruction Heatstroke is capable of but we didn’t see much of the other two in the last episode and it was a good introduction to what they can really do as a team in this episode against Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and Anissa/Thunder (Nafessa Williams) but with the power out it was a bit of a disadvantage going up against super charged, super villains. But thanks to Gambi (James Remar) and young talented Jennifer/Lightning (China McClain) the power was able to come back on and get the super villains defeated and at least they were only defeated to where they could always possibly comeback next season.

As for this bounty hunter that goes by the name of Instant (Tosin Morohunfola) but is this really his name? Who is he? And why is he working on a job for Markovia? I understand that he’s acting as a bounty hunter but with powers and skills that he has why would he be working for the bad guys? And will we get more of his character explored in the next season especially with the Markovian Wars coming to Freeland. But now that Instant has brought Dr. Jace (Jennifer Riker) to the Markovian’s it’s not looking good for season 3!

So here’s another thing, if Khalil (Jordan Calloway) body is in one of those pods maybe keeping him alive or bringing him back to life somehow, the question remains did Agent Ordell (Bill Duke) use the services of Lazarus (Michael Wright) to bring Khalil’s body back to life without Tobias knowing? Or was Khalil body always sent to the pods after he died to perhaps be a bargaining chip to make Jennifer obedient to the government? I mean we know that Ordell is all in it for himself and no one else, he doesn’t care that the Pierce family has been conspiring behind his back but I’m sure he was hurt by it a little about them being superheroes. But why is it that Khalil is in those pods, I mean if he wakes up will he remember that he loved Jennifer? Would he remember his death? There are so many questions now that they revealed this bomb shell upon all of us!

Now it seems like the main part of Season 3 is going to be the Markovian Wars with those metas from Markovia coming to Freeland, but what is driving them to come to Freeland? Is it because of Black Lightning’s heroics that they want to test him to his true limits? And what else will happen in Season 3, I want to see more of Grace coming back to Anissa and helping the Peirce family in the Markovian Wars in Freeland. What do you all think? But at least for Season 3 we will see the Lightning Trio kicking butt and taking names! Until next season my readers!

See You for Season 3 happening in either the Fall or sometime soon on The CW