Chicken Girls (S04E01) “Flour Babies”

The Web series is back, with a fun episode, if only in title: “Flour Babies” 

We pick up where it ended, with Rhyme trying to bring TK up to speed on “whas’up” with their friends, school and anything that keeps them from talking about. ..them! 

She writes him a soft  letter…with some truths.   

This episode has the kids returning from spring break and right into a Sex Ed class, by way of Home Economics.  They’re paired off as teen parents with…”Flour Babies!”

Its cute.   Paired by couples, they’re mama and dad 24/7; 1 week! 

Ellie is a single parent and Robbie’s traveling. She’s miserable.  She doesn’t like raising their Flour alone!

The more settled, Luna and Taj are planning a baptism. He can watch football thereafter.  Old marrieds

Arthur and Rhyme are the odd couple.  He ate a frog in bio last year…for humanity  ew.  Claims he didn’t want to cut it up, for the class  experiment 

Rhyme appears uninterested, distant and preoccupied.. She’s waiting to hear from T.K,  Ezra (who?) ANYBODY via text;  while  Arthur is the doting dad. 

 Flash and Kayla are the young couple who fight all of the time.  So much they ripped their flour baby apart, during a tug Yes the flour went everywhere! 

And Birdie is still hospitalized, status post auto accident.  She’s  still not talking to Rooney.  She’s blaming her for everything. Really?! And where’s Spike?! 

It was another 18 minutes well spent. In that short time I find the guys are taller and the girls who weren’t, are wearing bras now.

The physical changes make it a very good time to explore responsibilities of sex, should they choose to engage. It was good to see the guys  fully participating, too.   “Hands on dads” No deadbeat here!,

My conclusion and probably the majority of the class? They’re not ready to be parents!  So be mindful…very very mindful or” just say no”

It was a very good episode, with just the right amount of sex education. It didn’t take away from the intent of the show , only  it added to it.

Chicken Girls are  back on YouTube and Brat channel.  Tuesdays,at 3p/Pacific Time.