Fam (S01E10) “Dance Dance Resolution” & (S01E11) “Party Girl”

Hi there! First of all, I’m so sorry for not posting this earlier, life’s been crazier but anyways let’s do this!

There was a double episode before a 2-week hiatus, so you won’t be hearing from me for a while unless in the next few weeks we get news on the show’s fate after this season.

About the 10th episode; we find out there are only 10 days left until Nick and Clem’s wedding and the couple are preparing their bachelor/bachelorette parties. Last but not least, we also have the return of Freddie (Clem and Shannon’s father) and Ben (Clem’s best friend).

(By the way, I just love Ben SO  MUCH. WE GOT HIM FOR THE 2 EPISODES!!)

The 2 main plot points of this episodes are:

Nick afraid of dancing in their wedding, but with the help of Shannon, Nick’s father, and Ben, Nick gets over his fear. (ALSO, CBS GIVE ME MORE OF NICK AND BEN, I can’t be the only one wanting more scenes of them together can I?)

The other main plot involves Freddy and Nick’s mother. Nick’s mom is a therapist and due to a murder investigation, Freddy is forced to go to see one. Freddy tries to skip it but eventually, Nick’s mother manages to make him open more and wanting to get more involved with his ‘fam’. I’m very curious to see if that is what will actually happen.

Moving on to the 11th episode “Party Girl”

This is the episode of the bachelor/bachelorettes parties. Initially, the couple was gonna have in their words, ” a boring dinner”. However, convinced by Ben, Clem decides to go crazy on her bachelorette party which to be honest is kinda fair… and that party was crazy… even for Nick’s mom.

Nick meanwhile sticks out with the original plan and realizes he isn’t a fun person. This brings him home sooner so he can join his fiancée party and finally have some fun.

Also, special mention to Shannon and Evan… I see a possible ship sailing here you guys.

That’s all for today guys

See you soon

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