This Is Us (S03E16) “You Are My Sunshine”

After last week’s episode that felt so realistic, this week’s episode of This Is Us took my breathe away. Here’s a recap!


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As Kate keeps her faith in baby Jack going to make it through this ordeal; Toby isn’t sure if he’s gonna make it. When the nurses were going to take some more blood from Jack, Toby wasn’t too pleased and walked out an emotional upset. But after talking with another father who’s been at the hospital for six weeks; he kind of help Toby talk it out with Kate. Soon Kate leaves Toby with their son and he starts talking with him.

Kevin and Zoe go to couples therapy and soon discuss whether if they want to have children or not. Zoe doesn’t want to have any; so Kevin goes to a meeting and walks around to Sophie’s house, where he meets her there. As soon as they have coffee, she tells him that she’s engaged but still had coffee and talked. She gives him advice that he has to make the decision and that it’s not going to be handed to him like other things in his life.

In the past flashback, we see the Pearson family getting ready for the school dance. Kevin and Kate are excited while Randall isn’t and tries to study for a science exam instead. We see Rebecca and Jack chaperone the dance; she learns that Jack never went to a school dance before and took this time to show him what it was like. While a young Kevin toilet papering an office and sees Sophie. He begins to wrap each other around with toilet paper and told her that they will be together.

Randall and Beth are trying to make their situation work; but it seemed that when Randall is trying all that he can to be a parent, catch up on work and still trying to be there for all. As Beth is nailing her first recital with high praise, but she’s also enjoying it too. Randall tells her that they’ve been invited to dinner, but she told him that she can’t because she’s going to be hanging out with her co-workers.

But the heat really gets going when Randall gets to the dinner but Beth doesn’t show up and leaves a very mean voicemail on her phone. Soon, Beth gets there and later after dinner and purple cheesecake, the two really got to it. Beth tells Randall that he should sleep at his Philly office; but Randall comes home and tells her that he’s not going to sleep there and soon as they were going to be talking about it, Randall shuts the door and end of the episode.

“You Are My Sunshine” might not hold up to last week’s episode, but it sure came close. From the moments of Kate singing to baby Jack “You Are My Sunshine” was such an overwhelming of emotions. While watching Randall and Beth’s relationship seem to take another dark turn. As much as I feel that everyone played such a big role in this episode; I feel that Chirs Sullivan’s performance was outstanding. As for Kevin and Sophie; I’m still not given up on them as that past moment at the dance and the moment after their coffee just seems that they are not over each other, even though Sophie’s engaged. The episode was amazing with such strong character development with everyone but mostly Toby. Overall,, I give this episode a 9/10.

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