Will & Grace (S10E16) “Conscious Coupling”

Change is never-ending, and it rings true in the latest episode of Will & Grace. With happily ever after, closer than they think. Can Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) let go of each other and make a leap of faith? Only time will tell. Spoilers Ahead.

willandgraces10e162 1024x683 - Will & Grace (S10E16) “Conscious Coupling”
Maybe Jack really has changed. (Photo: NBC/Chris Haston)

Snow has immobilized the city, and Jack (Sean Hayes) has found himself at the mercy of a power outage. Stuck in an elevator, alone, waiting for help to arrive. He has come so far and has finally found someone to share the rest of his life with. In the past his motives and actions have been questionable, but has he really changed for the good? His true test comes in the form of his ex, Drew (Ryan Pinkston). The temptation is abundant, but he’s not that person anymore. Jack really has evolved and love has changed him.

Each character seems to be having their own major epiphany’s this episode. Karen (Megan Mullally), stuck at the office, meets their upstairs neighbor, Nikki, played by the brilliant Samira Wiley . Conversing with her new-found friend over a martini, Karen is given a different perspective on life and her self-worth. If she is the one always taking care of everyone else, then who is there to take care of her? Maybe Nikki is the answer to all her problems.

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Karen and Nikki. (Photo: NBC/Chris Haston)
the future waits for no one

Meanwhile, Will and Grace are grappling with their own issues, which really shouldn’t be issues. Noah (David Schwimmer) and McCoy (Matt Bomer), who love and adore their significant others, certainly have their hands full.  Especially when the topic of moving in together arises. In haste and fear of being vulnerable, Will and Grace both use each other as an excuse. This comes as no surprise to fans of the show, it’s the same song and dance they have been doing for years. They’ve fallen victim to the “comfortable” routine, and if they aren’t careful, they will lose it all.

Just like any comedy, the errors come out left and right. There is no keeping in lies for very long, especially when Noah and McCoy have figured them out. There is a choice to be made, either they continue to live in a rut, or expand their horizons and allow happiness to be part of their lives again. The world can be scary, but no matter where life leads them, they will always have each other. In a pleasantly surprising twist, both Will and Grace say yes to the big leap and a big move.

willandgraces10e16 1024x683 - Will & Grace (S10E16) “Conscious Coupling”
One, Big, Happy Family. (Photo: NBC/Chris Haston)

It’s so great to see each character finally catch their breaks, it really has been a long time coming, and I am sure there will be other calamities ahead, but things feel different this time around. They feel right, and the writers have been able to present that to the audience. With only a few more episodes left in the season, and a big wedding coming up, hopefully, there will be more positive experiences for these friends.

A new episode of Will & Grace airs, Thursday, March 28 on NBC at 9:30/8:30c