The Enemy Within (S01E04) “Confessions”


The episode begins with a Bulgarian man trying to enter the US but is stopped at the border. Doubtful of who he is, 3 Border Patrol agents escort him inside their building. Realising what is going to happen the Bulgarian man took the 3 agents down, pulled the fire alarm to cause a diversion and escaped the building through the chaos.

TEW S01E04 BORDER PATROL 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
Aksoy enters the country

Next, we see the sentencing of Erica Shepperd (Jennifer Carpenter). The sentencing by the Judge was dealt harshly because of her traitorous actions which lead to the death of 5 CIA Operatives. Hannah, Hannah’s father, Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) and Thomas Heffron most notably in attendance. The emotion of the hearing and judgement handed out is seen on the faces of those in the crowd. This scene was mainly done to introduce another character – Thomas Heffron, Lane’s father.  Being escorted to her cell in ADMAX, Shepperd made eye contact with another cellmate – who also turns out to be a traitor.

TEW S01E04 SENTENCING 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
The sentencing of Erica Shepperd

Shepperd’s cellmate was Aylin Demir, responsible for the attack on Incirlik Air Base for which she took full responsibility. But she wasn’t alone. During their time together at ADMAX, Shepperd turned her into an asset for Intel. Her co-conspirator in the attack, Serhan Aksoy (Edward Akrout), the ‘Bulgarian’ who took out the Border Patrol agents. Aksoy is a Turkish resistance fighter with ties to the anti-American HKP. The team works to find him. Keaton finds FBI Deputy Director Grace Molinero in his office. Molinero is beginning to question him and his actions since the arrival of Shepperd. She is even questioning his role as head of the Tal Task Force. Molinero can be added to the list of people who don’t want Shepperd here and also, who are beginning to question Keaton himself. Side note, Keaton added Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) to the team. In the conference room, Shepperd mentions Sila, sister to Demir. The team has surveillance put on her hoping to lead them to Aksoy.

TEW S01E04 THOMAS HEFFRON 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
Lane’s father is disappointed in Keaton for working with Shepherd

Surveilling Sila Demir, they realise she has a car registered to her name but isn’t using it. They track the car and find out Aksoy is on his way to the Port of Maryland.  At the Port of Maryland, Aksoy kills a port employee for finding him there. Back in DC, Hannah shows up unannounced to see her mom. Keaton says that there have to be rules for future visitation and she agrees. The atmosphere is very different between Hannah and Erica now. After listening to the voicemail many times, Hannah is beginning to give her mom a chance and wants to have her in her life. But, her father doesn’t know about the visits, which could become a problem in the future.

TEW S01E04 HANNAH AND SHEPPERD 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
Hannah and Erica’s relationship is improving constantly, but will the lies catch up with her…

The team rolls out to the Port of Maryland to see why Aksoy is headed there. Moving the Port and between the containers, the get into a short fire-fight with Aksoy. But Aksoy gets away. Going through why he was there, Bragg (Noah Mills) reports to the team about what they found. Aksoy was after only one container, containing medical equipment. Aksoy tampered with an MRI machine and took an MRI knee coil. Shepperd is becoming increasingly wary of Cruz’s reasons for being here. Always with Keaton and showing off affection, Cruz (Coral Pena) shows it off as affection but Shepperd knows there’s something and decides to test her theory. With Cruz nearby, she asks Keaton for access to PCI (Paid Confidential Informants) lists to help with the Tal investigation. Keaton said no, but she knew this would happen and we then see Cruz right down ‘PCI’ on a page. Shepperd is on to Cruz.

TEW S01E04 CRUZ 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
With Cruz watching them, Shepherd decides to test her theory on Anna Cruz

Keaton meets with Thomas, Lane’s father. Throughout the episode, Keaton has been dodging his calls because he is going to ask about Shepperd and he does. And Keaton tells him the truth. Even though it’s the truth it definitely isn’t what he wanted to hear. And Thomas doesn’t know how he feels about Keaton anymore. Keaton goes and speaks to Shepperd about this. About how working with her is hurting those he cares about, it’s affecting the people around him and affecting relationships. But Shepperd tells Keaton that he may need to ask himself what he’s willing to endure to capture Tal.

TEW S01E04 KEATON AND SHEPEPRD 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
“You’re going to have to ask yourself what you’re willing to endure to capture Tal.”

Senator Martin Covington and his daughter arrive at BWI Airport and are taking to a private lounge before boarding their flight. But Aksoy is also there. Using the equipment from the container, he makes an EMP device which took everything offline. Keaton, Zain (Raza Jaffrey), Bragg and Pettigrew are on site. Ryan (Kelli Garner) and Shepherd are in DC going through the important figures at the airport who could be a target. After combing through the figures they find the target – Senator Convington. With Senator Covington on the move, Ryan uses VAR to guide Zayn and Keaton through the airport to the Senator. Just as Keaton gets to the Senator, Aksoy sprays gas into his face and takes off with Keaton in pursuit and Zayn with the Senator. After a hand-to-hand combat scene, Keaton knocks Aksoy unconscious and takes him into custody. And the Senator is expected to make a full recovery.

TEW S01E04 MATRIN COVINGTON 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
Senator Martin Convington is Akysoy’s target

After the mission, Keaton speaks to Shepherd regarding Hannah’s dad not knowing about the visits and she explains why he shouldn’t. But also that she understands that if he asking him, he will tell her dad the truth. We then see Cruz use sympathy to get into the server room to try and access the PCI files but gets denied every time. Seeing the note left for her, she visits Shepherd. Shepherd makes it seem like she knows Cruz likes her, she does this to make her know she’s watching her but also to make her think her cover is still intact. Getting a security breach alert on her tablet, Ryan speaks with Keaton immediately to inform him about this. The breach was in regards to PCI’s and Tal. Keaton knowing exactly what this is, he goes to Shepherd and accuses her of this. But this was her plan all along. To expose Cruz as the mole, and to have the proof for everyone to believe her. Because trust is in short supply when it comes to her.

TEW S01E04 SHES A MOLE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) "Confessions"
Shepherd opens Keaton’s eyes to seeing that Anna Cruz is the mole


Thanks for reading this review. The Enemy Within is making great progress and also exceeding my expectations. Series like this can become slow and boring, and drag out important events. But with already exposing Cruz as the mole, The Enemy Within has no intent on slowing down. Which only excites me more about what is to come for the rest of the season. Catch more of your favourite shows on TvSeriesHub and the promo for Episode 5 below. Enjoy!