Supernatural (S14E14) “Ouroboros”

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“I just wish I got it before she took my temperature.” (Jack to Rowena & Sam)

First off I want to apologize for the lateness of reviews. But Life happens. I’m okay though & I also heard the news that Supernatural will only have one more season after this. This is very saddening & I will miss them always. We’re always a family; I’m only going to be doing a “My Prediction” after watching the promo & a “My thoughts” after the episode. Since I’m so behind. Happy reading all.

My prediction (I haven’t seen any spoilers, I only rewatched the promo): By the looks of it Jack is becoming a magic/power addict & it’s getting out of hand. Makes me wondering how there going to handle all this since Jack’s soul is still on the line. I guess that’s why Rowena shows up, to help maybe or do something else. Overall if Jack gets out of hand they might have to put him in the box instead of Dean.

My thoughts after watching: Okay so Jack wasn’t out of hand or being a power addict. Instead they were dealing with a snake demi-god that keeps slipping through there fingers. He truly was a crafty one. But luckily he can’t see angels & this is how they have an upper hand. Now besides the hunt I was very concerned about Jack.

He still has that cough, secretly gushing out blood, & is saying he’s fine. Even though he isn’t. Dean is also doing the whole “I’m fine” line as well. With not getting much sleep & constantly hearing Micheal bang in his head to get out. He’s using all that he has but I can tell it’s exhausting. Dean even still mentions that his offer still stands to put him in the box & dumped in the ocean. No one wants to hear that plan B.

Before there main fight with the demi-god I felt bad for Jack. They needed anti-venom from a vet office. (I feel like Rowena did good acting in my opinion.) Jack was transformed as a dog & well he got his temp taken…poor Jack. Now during the fight two scary things happened. One, Jack used his powers on Cast which wasn’t good. He was glad Jack was helpful but burning his soul isn’t worth it. Second, during the fight with the demi-god he banged the crap out of Dean’s head on the wall. He was out cold. All sirens should have been going off! I was screaming, “Put him in the coffin! Do it!”

When they get back to the bunker there really hoping Dean wakes up & not there worse nightmare. Cast has to talk to Jack again about his powers & his soul. Yet Jack is calling it all bull! What’s the point of having these powers if I can’t use them to save the people I love? Is what Jack is questioning & the fact that he’s not human. He’s frustrated & feeling useless again. The conversation had to be cut short when Dean snapped & started crashing into everything. He calms himself & announces Micheal is gone.

Like legit gone & we have no idea where he is. Technically we do after a pitch hurtling scream. We find out all the hunters are dead & Rowena got taken over by Micheal. You don’t understand how much internal screaming I was doing at this point. Micheal had the boys on the ground quick, no more games, he was going to kill them. But Jack was the hero. He used his powers knowing the risk, knowing the sacrifice. To him it was worth it, for his family. He was able to get Micheal out & destroy him but he also got his grace. Once he said, “I’m me again” & spreads his wings. I knew something was off, he didn’t sound right.

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