Supernatural (S14E15) “Peace of Mind”

SPN 0507 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E15) "Peace of Mind"

“Sir using language like that, H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Your mouth should be washed out with soap!” (Sam as Justin to Castiel)

My prediction (I haven’t seen any spoilers, I only watched the promo): This is a short promo but I think I have a hunch. Sam & Cast have a case in a city where there stuck in a certain time period. But there are murders happening?! I hope I’m right about this or it could be time travel again.

My thoughts after: No time travel this go round. But it was still funny yet weird. Cast & Sam decide to take on the case while Dean stayed with Jack. Everyone is using that “I’m good” line so you know, no one is okay. Especially after the burial of all the hunters.

Now this case was odd though. An old school town where people’s heads explode?! I wouldn’t live there. But people are just walking around all happy with no care in the world. It’s weird. So figuring this out..might be hard. Since there’s no demons or witch craft involved. And it doesn’t help that they have another victim. This was the man who bumped into Sam & asked him what was in his hands. I t was a cellphone. Since that interaction that man started to remember where he was from & his daughter. Yet when he tried to leave his head explodes. The wife was confused but didn’t seem fazed. Brainwashing might be at play here.

What made this all funny though was Sam. He now took on the deceased husband role as Justin. An dear gosh! Seeing him in a cardigan & glasses had me rolling! The way he was flirting & speaking as well cracked me up! Made my night. I’m just glad Cast wasn’t affected by this cause who know how he would have turned out; I could tell Cast was a bit annoyed in certain parts on the episode. Like he was so freaking done.

In the end Cast went back to the girl Sunny who had secret love letters with this first victim. He had a feeling it was her doing all this but no, it was her father. He had the ability to make whatever he thought happen (we’ve seen this before) & he wanted a happy town with all the time happy people. But if someone wasn’t happy & remembered there old self he’d make there head explode. Sunny wanted no part in this any longer & wanted to stop her father. Which she was able to do by trapping him in his own mind of happiness; Cast was able to fight the crap out of the guys in the milkshake bar & snap Sam out of it. I’m curious though as to what happened to the town. I hope she set everyone free from this lie of a life there living so they can return home.

Meanwhile Dan takes Jack & the snake on a road trip. Not much of a road trip since they went to go see Donny so he could talk to Jack about his soul. Since no on else is getting to him. It was a short talk but Donny told Dean he was nothing like him. It’s a possibility that Jack still has some of his soul left he just needs time. An that’s what Jack wants. Time & space to figure it all out on his own. After there case Sam needs time to cope with the lose of his comrades cause he keeps seeing them in the bunker. He hates being there but it’s there home. Lastly, they truly need to keep a close eye on Jack…since he did turn his snake to ash. This is truly concerning.

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