Supernatural (S14E16) “Don’t Go Into the Woods”

SPN 0079 300x168 - Supernatural (S14E16) "Don't Go Into the Woods"

“I got all the supplies except the beer. I didn’t have an ID.

You have tons of ID’s.

There fake.”

(Jack to Dean & Sam)


Supernatural Returns on April 4th, 2019.

My prediction (I haven’t seen any spoilers, I only watched the promo): By the title Ii thought it was going to be a twisted Red Riding hood plot. Nope. Instead were dealing with a weird nightly forrest creature. I wonder if it’s the cousin to a wendigo. I can’t recall have there been wendigos on the show? I’ll have to look that up later.

My thoughts after: Wrong on the wendigo part. But it was a woodland type of being though; Sam had found them a case even though he said he needed time. No Jack cause they were concerned about his powers, so instead Dean gave him a grocery list. Oh what fun. The case was in Iowa where a girl had been attacked by a “coyote”. Is what the sheriff is saying but he saw otherwise. He was there before she got attacked & after. She was with his son making out in the car near the woods. An then got attacked in the restroom after hearing whistling.

He honestly wanted the case to be closed & move on. But when Sam & Dean pop in you know that’s not going to happen. After seeing the body the body they know this is no coyote attack. But a creature who burns & bites. Surprisingly it’s an entity from Native American folklore. (The kahunta, hope I spelled that right. The burning is from stomach acid.) Something they haven’t dealt with & no clue on how to kill it since there’s little information on it.

Well the whistling continues another day. The death of a hiker happens in the woods but only one was able to get away an tell Dean & Sam what happens. The police want to do a search party but the sheriff makes them wrap it up & has the woods off limits. Of course the boys aren’t going to listen. Although they did get caught but they weren’t going to let that stop them, there sheriff doesn’t scare them. They explained what they do & what there hunting. It’s then revealed from there sheriff that these ae made & not born like other beings. He also was very pushy on there sharing about this world but they declined, for lives get lost in the line of work. Even if they know how to hunt death still happens.

They couldn’t chat long because the sheriff’s heartbroken son was in the words to avenge the girl he loves. They had to move fast! Luckily they knew where to look, the old house up on the hill. I swear this creature was nasty looking. Made me want to get a can of bug spray for some odd reason after looking at it. Yuck. Well it was a gooey hot end for it with a silver blade to the heart & all was well. The boys told him the least he could do was tell his son the truth. He deserves that much.

Now as for Jack, he had one job. But he decided to be friendly. He needed groceries but the shop was closed & the three kids that know about them had the keys. He couldn’t get the alcohol cause he didn’t have an ID but they did ask if he wanted to hang out with him. At first it started off okay, bringing over books, talking & all that. But then..Jack decided to show off with the angel blade. Cool at first but then when he started sing his powers & let it slip it hit one of the girls. Everyone freaked out! Jack did heal her & he thought all was fine. No, it wasn’t. They were scared of Jack & didn’t want him near them at all.

In the end Sam & Dean explained why they didn’t bring jack along. He promised not to use his powers without permission & said nothing happened while they were gone. To be honest, I hope he wiped there memories of the incident that happened. Cause if not it’s going to be a rude awakening if Sam & Dean find out. You can’t leave stuff like that alone…you gotta hit that delete button on those events.

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