Arrow (S07E17) “Inheritance”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and we had a betrayal that I knew was always coming but it was bigger in the series than it was in the comics but we will get to that in a little bit. We have a whole lot to talk about so lets get to this review!

So in this episode it was all about revealing the organization that is the big bad of this season which I really didn’t want it to be true but I am also not surprised because it seems like they are heading into one of the comic stories but with a twist which is always nice. The organization that is literally the big bad of the season is The Ninth Circle; now I’ve talked vaguely about The Ninth Circle with my other reviews because I was never really sure if it really was going to be revealed as being season 7’s big bad organization where it’s not just one person that is the threat but many people who are the threat. Given that season’s 1-6 have always gone through a ritual by having one person as the big bad villain but it seems like for season 7 they wanted to change things up by making the organization itself the big bad which means we have many villains that are in the organization.

So to finally get to the comic book aspect of The Ninth Circle it’s something that I’ve been looking towards doing for a while but had to hold off the entire time so here we go, alright so in the comics of Green Arrow Rebirth that started back in 2016 The Ninth Circle was introduced to be a big bad in the comic storyline for quite a lot of issues in the Rebirth comics. The Ninth Circle’s mission in the comics was to take over Queen Consolidated, ruin Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) image, destroy the Green Arrow, and annihilate Seattle to create a new Star City in the rubble. They tried this before with the old Star City but there was way too much rubble so they couldn’t do anything; in the comics Oliver was betrayed by Emiko (Sea Shimooka) by the influence of her mother Shado but in the end of the comic storyline Shado’s loyalty to The Ninth Circle lead to her death, or did it? After all we never saw the final blow of death to her so she could still be out there in the comics. Now that’s comic book wise that I’m speaking of people don’t get this confused or anything. However in the comics, The Ninth Circle couldn’t destroy the city without a Queen, and given that Oliver was not going to cooperate with destroying a city, the task was left down to Moira Queen, which in the comics Moira was said to be dead but then was revealed to be a high knight of The Ninth Circle.

Now series wise The Ninth Circle was revealed and it looks like what some people had suspected that Dante (Adrian Paul) was running The Ninth Circle but it’s not true, Dante is actually one of the lower members of the organization who needs to prove his loyalty and the loyalty of everyone that he has brought into the Ninth Circle. Including Emiko, however it seems like Emiko has actually risen in the ranks of The Ninth Circle and is above Dante which means they are giving Emiko the role that Shado had in the comics and it makes me wonder if Emiko will have the same fate as what Shado had in the comics? I mean anything is possible but it would also be a waste if they did that, I mean we need this to be lengthened out more to see more of the sinister betrayal that Emiko will deliver. Now I did notice that they gave Emiko a similar suit that she had in the comics with the Red suit and black body armor as a temporary suit for her. We even saw her have the red arrow tips that she used in the comics in this episode as well which is really interesting that they are giving her those arrows and the suit. But we also saw that just like the comics Emiko chose The Ninth Circle instead of family, but will the Ninth Circle’s real plan be to make those drones bomb Star City and turn it into rubble? I have a feeling that they are going to go this route, lets just hope that this story doesn’t get as crazy as it did in the comics. Now if it does get as crazy as it did in the comics we are going to be seeing a whole lot of crazy story’s and a lot of betrayal. We even see that Rene (Rick Gonzalez) was trying to convince Emiko to not go down this route but it’s already too late for Emiko, she owes the Ninth Circle everything and not even Oliver will be able to bring her back out of this.

And after seeing the flash backs in this episode of Emiko and Robert Queen (James Patrick Sheridan) it makes me wonder, was Emiko the hit man that Merlyn (John Barrowman) hired to plant that bomb on the Queen’s Gambit? From what it seems like, it was indeed Emiko who might’ve killed Robert Queen with Merlyn just being the trigger man who pulled the trigger in a way. Which is insane, it changes Emiko’s story but her story has been altered in a good way for this whole series. With Robert revealing to Emiko that she was not going to inherit anything if he died, which too bad for Emiko because she seemed to have some good ideas for Queen Consolidated to move forward in the future. So question remains, would Queen Consolidated have been more successful if Emiko had taken over and Robert signed it over to Emiko back then?

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