The Enemy Within (S01E04) – “Havana”


The episode begins with Cruz (Coral Pena) unloading boxes of files in a cabin in the middle of the woods, more of this later. Whilst unpacking an elderly lady from the adjacent property comes over. Realizing there’s a witness, she has to deal with her to keep her cover intact. Making sure she’s alone, Cruz kills her so there’s not even a hint of a rumour she’s a mole. Back to DC, Keaton (Morris Chestnut) is in Shepherd’s cell convinced she tried to access the files. Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter), being as smart and understanding as she is, knew she wouldn’t convince Keaton herself. So she laid a path of breadcrumbs, just enough doubt so he can make the connection himself.

TEW S01E05 KEATON AT CRUZ 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
Keaton finally believes Shepherd and realizes that Cruz is the mole

Filled with rage, Keaton raced over to Cruz’s place. Shocked by his visit, Cruz wasn’t sure why he was here. Keaton told her it was because he was worried about her, but he wanted to prove Shepherd’s theory. Agreeing to a drink, while she was in the kitchen Keaton went through the living room for any personal effects, any sign that she has been living there. Once he found nothing he knew, Shepherd was right, Anna Cruz is the mole. Keaton called Zain (Raza Jaffrey) and told him to tell the team to meet at his place, they have a breach. Not wanting to lose everything they’ve worked on against Tal, they’re going to make it seem like nothing is wrong. Back at work, Keaton tells Cruz she has to meet Zayn in the SCIF room to go over the attack again. When she goes into the room, she has to lock her phone in the cellphone locker. This was their plan. During the interview with Zain, the team got her phone to Ryan (Kelli Garner) who ripped her phone. And after the interview, whilst suspicious, Cruz didn’t suspect anything.

TEW S01E05 CRUZ SCIF ROOM 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
Cruz’s interview in the SCIF room was perfect cover for them to rip her phone and to see what she knows

Bragg (Noah Mills) follows Cruz through the streets and to see she’s making a call, to Keaton. Cruz tells Keaton about a PO Box in West Virginia which ‘belonged’ to Nemec. Planning on sending a team, she’s disagrees saying that it might be nothing and suggests they go alone. And, of course, he agrees. Back in a conference room with the team, Shepherd included, Keaton justified his choice by saying that if he doesn’t go she’ll know. Everyone begins to chime in, with Ryan doing so because of her feelings for him. But Shepherd obviously knows the real reason, he’s doing this because he believes he can flip her. And with flipping her the treasure trove of intel they would get could get them so close to Tal. But Ryan tells them all about how Cruz isn’t just any mole, Tal has been training her for this mission since she was a little girl.

TEW S01E05 CONFERENCE 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
Shepherd realized why Keaton was doing this, Keaton believes he can flip Cruz

Ryan, overflowing with emotion and fear, pleads with Keaton not to go. But he says that there is nothing he won’t do to catch Tal. With a tracker on Cruz’s car, Bragg and Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) are tailing them and Zayn already cleared the address Cruz gave them. On a stop for gas, Keaton and Cruz are both trying to work each other. Tell stories about their childhood and important figures in their life, trying to get under each other’s skin. Almost at the destination, she drives past the location she gave them. Something clearly isn’t right, she wanted him alone. But why. At this new location, Keaton continues to try and turn Cruz from a mole into an asset. Telling her that Nemec partially turned and didn’t give them much, but a place “Havana.” When he says this, Cruz is visibly shaken. But Keaton let his emotion get the best of him, and Ryan sees a text on Cruz’s phone saying “Keaton knows”. She also sends their address to an associate of Tal’s who takes out an assault rifle and begins moving to their location.

TEW S01E05 KEATON CRUZ WALKING 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
Keaton’s plan was almost executed perfectly, but his emotions got the best of him

As Keaton and Cruz arrive at the cabin, we jump to DC and Shepherd. Throughout the episode, we see a flashback to Shepherd’s time in the CIA with now Deputy Director Cabrera (James Carpinello) in Prague. About when Cabrera told her that her contact in the Iranian Embassy was blown and that they couldn’t get her out. Shepherd did it anyway, fighting off a 3-man group who came to kill her contact. She put her in a car and told her to drive to the border. Then later in the episode, we see Cabrera hand Shepherd a file. Asking her if she would do it again, she says she would. She then opens the file, to reveal her contact shot to death. Back to the present, Ryan gets Cabrera to meet with Shepherd. With regards to their time in Prague, she finally realized why her contact was killed. She never made it off the block because she went to her target because she had feelings for him. And this was what Cabrera never understood. But this is what ties Cruz to Shepherd.

TEW S01E05 KEATON CABRERA 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
What Shepherd realized and Cabrera didn’t, was that when her asset was flipping her target she herself became vulnerable to him

Shepherd calls Keaton and tells him how he can flip her. He has to tell her what she means to him. She is someone that reminds him of Laine. Because even though she got under his skin, she’s left herself vulnerable to him also. As he puts down the phone and goes to find her, Cruz pulls her gun on him. He sits down and they begin to talk. And as the conversation progresses, Keaton gets more and more under her skin. And finally, he convinces her that he can keep her safe. That he can protect her. That all Tal did was manipulate her to do his bidding. And slowly, she lowers the gun. But as she lowers the gun and a tear rolls down her cheek, a shot is fired through the window and hits her in the chest. And with her last breath, she says “Chigorin.” Keaton takes her phone and moves for cover. As the operative comes in, Keaton shows up behind him and puts him down. Zayn encourages him by telling him that they caught a mole, but Keaton says that this doesn’t feel like a win.

TEW S01E05 CRUZ TURNED 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
Keaton finally got her to flip, but it was just a moment too late

Back home, Ryan pays Keaton a visit. She came to apologize and he accepts it and they say their byes. But walking away from the door, he looks back and begins to think, most likely about Ryan. Most likely he’s wondering if there is more than one mole and if she could be one of them. This theory becomes more real when Tal calls him and says, “Was she the only one?” and now Keaton is more paranoid as ever. Talking to Shepherd, she talked to him about when running an asset, the best way to turn an asset was to tap into their weakness. But what Tal didn’t account for was how vulnerable it left her. The conversation ends when Chigorin means nothing to Shepherd either.

TEW S01E05 KEATON THOUGHT 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E04) - "Havana"
After the phone call with Tal, Keaton doesn’t know who to trust. Keaton doesn’t know if there is another mole

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