A.P. Bio (S02E03) “Wednesday Morning, 8 AM”

Sometimes its that last 30 minutes before school starts that’s hectic. Here’s a recap!


190315 3923828 Wednesday Morning  8 AM - A.P. Bio (S02E03) "Wednesday Morning, 8 AM"

“Wednesday Morning, 8 AM” was one of the series brilliant episodes from the beginning to the end. Within the 30 minutes before classes start things become really hectic from Ralph getting the announcements correct to the janitor trying to find his peace but loses it when he has to battle bad pumping and even Jack getting his chair back from Lynette, who had taken it.

Each story from the episode was so brilliantly hilarious. I couldn’t get enough of Ralph and Helen even more with Helen’s scenes that were just hilarious even when the band members came in and she announced them as the hornies.

But it was the story between Jack and Lynette that really stole the episode to moments of great chemistry between Elizabeth Alderfer and Glenn Howerton. The two characters played off to one another great as he tries to get his chair and she plays him off with mind-blowing philosophy. After making his brilliant plan, she does return his chair but that was after he took something priceless of her off her desk. Which made an awkward moment for Jack.

I loved the episode. It was so beautifully written and had so much great character development. It’s really an episode that you should put it on your list to watch. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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