This Is Us (S03E17) “R&B”

Could this be the end of Beth and Randall’s relationship? Here’s a recap!


this is us recap season 3 episode 17 - This Is Us (S03E17) "R&B"

Last night’s episode was not only another memorable one; it was a strong written one of showing the developments between Beth and Randall. We see not only how they first met in college; but that Randall was determined that Beth was the one. From college to fast forwarding to seven years as Randall still proposing to Beth, with her responding with a no.

Throughout the episode, we see a deep background of Randall and Beth’s relationship; Randall had a way by guilting Beth whether it’s getting married; that later turned when she takes Randall to her favorite place for him to the proposal; for which she said yes. Another when they worked things out together during their wedding when rewriting their own vows. Even when changing their first born’s diaper and she tells Randall how he could in a way smooth talk while taking all the cheesy parts of the nachos.

But it was during when William and Kevin were staying at their house their relationship really showed. Beth lied to Randall about going to a meeting that turned out to be having her own night along with candy, wine, and Living Single marathon. But he tells he understands and after talking about the episode she’s on, he guilts her to come back home with him and William, as he was looking for maple syrup.

Coming back to the present, the tension between Randall and Beth could but cut with a sharp knife. As Beth tells Randall why he doesn’t argue back to her; we see a flashback to when he spied on Jack and Rebecca arguing at each other. We see that that flashback is the reason why he doesn’t want to argue with someone that he cares and also why he fixes every problem with words and affections.

It really got ugly when Beth brings up his mental break down moments that ended with Randall going to his office in Philly. Later we see Randall on the couch and Beth on the floor and see them as kids as they each were looking at their flowers that Randall got them for their date.

“R&B” was an amazing and memorable episode from beginning to the end. The episode has so character development and moments that I couldn’t leave my seat during the commercials. The show pulls off another powerful episode and a strong performance from Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown, but also the Niles Fitch and Rachel Hilson too as they played 17-year-old Beth and Randall. I really don’t see how this could turn any worst or even better after the ending of the episode. I’m not ready for the season finale just yet, but feel like it’s gonna be big. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch the season finale of This Is Us Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.