Chicken Girls (S04E02) “Flew the Coop”

“Flew the Coop” begins with the girls still growing through their relationship pains.

Kayla cannot get a handle on Flash,  nor what’s happening with her mom!  Is she dating?! 

Birdie is home with an arm sling  and in a funk. She ain’t talking, especially to  Rooney. 

Rhy, incredibly distracted by…boys and what amounts to her own broken relationships, (counting 3 so far ) is called into Home Ec for not being  a good “Flour Mama”  She must write a paper , “Why Home Ec is obsolete” to save her grade.

Rooney appears to be attracted to Drake. She runs into him often it seems.  She decides to photo shoot him for the school paper. ” A Star is Born! ” 

 Looking from one of the  classrooms,   Rhy sees their comfort with each other.  “Rut roh” and she doesn’t appear happy. He’s one of  “the broken relationships ” 

Rob comes to see Ellie.  He’s leaving. He’ s touring full time; since she kicked him to the curb.  She says good bye, abruptly and bratty in my opinion. 

Abd Chicken Girl, Kayla also says “good bye”  It finds out, her mom doesn’t have a boyfriend, just an ex husband!

We find,  Kayla’s  dad’s sick, terribly.  She and mom are moving in with him for his care. 

So Kayla says “good bye” to the Chicken Girls,  for now. They’re at 50% now;50% “Flew the Coop!” 

This episode is obviously a build up to an episode of “the other shoe” dropping,  and tying up all those  loose ends. Like “where is Spike?” Where actually is Rhy”s  “Flour baby ?!”

The episode was slow and with very little action and movement, storywise. It did not not  seem to have a major focus; a must see, story to tell 

Without the obvious trouble this Rooney and Drake, attraction will cause, tonight would  have faired better combined with another.  It would have given a greater balance 

However, in a too cute, not to mention moment:  Rhy is writing a letter to one of her challenges (estranged fellows)  She attempts to hide it from  the darling Harmony; who’s  cooking breakfast, complete with apron and chef’s hat. 

This little wise one, is always “The Boss” She needs to be on more.

Yet overall,  as it stands right now, without the usual rush, wisecrack’a and scheming  of 14 year olds. It was a filler; holding us here, so that we don’t jump ship.  And I’m ok with that! 

Chicken Girls,  new episodes air on Youtube and Brat channel Tuesday’s,  @3:30/Pacific