Good Girls (S02E04) “Pick Your Poison”

After last weeks’ dark and intense episode, “Pick Your Poison” gives us all the feels, plus the bathroom break we truly needed. You heard correct, so keep reading!

The episode started with our good girls or better yet, Ruby (Retta) repenting for her sins while, Leslie’s (David Hornsby) chopped and wrapped body was taken to the dump.  It appears as if Mary Pat (Allison Tolman) didn’t do the best job cutting up his body. While Beth (Christina Hendricks) pack lunches, a guilt stricken Annie (Mae Whitman), spends time with Marion (June Squibb).

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Mae Whitman

Although Annie wanted Leslie dead, she felt bad that he wasn’t around to help Marion like he normally did. While at Marion’s Annie noticed lots of unopened mail.  She realized that Marion is getting evicted from her apartment.  Ruby and Stan (Reno Wilson) try to figure out their financial situation and whats next for them.  Stan contemplates working part-time going back to being as a security guard.

Over at Boland Motors, things are not going so well.  The dealership is failing, so Beth came up with yet another plan.  Clearly Beth hasn’t learned her lesson from the other plans that got her into the situation she’s in currently…and Rio (Manny Montana).  Beth has no choice, but to bring the good girls into the money fold.  She meets them at the storage and surprises them with the cash.  Annie and Beth get into an argument because, Beth kept the money a secret for weeks.  The ladies decide to clean some of the cash with their old trick…purchasing and returning products.  This doesn’t work well since the ladies were greedy and went on the radar.

As Annie unpacks the merchandise she couldn’t return, Gregg (Zach Gilford) stops by to confess to Annie that he  wants to be with her.

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Zach Gilford, Mae Whitman/
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Avoiding jail time, Beth decides to use some of the money to invest in Dean (Matthew Lillard).   She thought that it would be a good idea for Dean to purchase some cars in order to sell them at the dealership, hence, washing the money.  Unfortunately, Dean was not successful.

After meeting with Annie to apologize for her behavior, she tells Annie about Dean’s inadequacies…we know the list is endless.  It was Annie that gave Beth her latest idea to wash the money.  All three women head to the dealership to show Dean how to sell some cars.

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Our little Annie is still trying to take care of Marion.  She inadvertently finds out that Leslie was not paying Marion’s rent or any of her bills.  Annie takes matters into her own hands.  She teaches Marion about reconciling her bills so that she is up-to-date on everything.  Marion realizes that Leslie was stealing her money and not helping her.  Marion is smarter than we give her credit for.  I think helping Marion reinforced her decision to not continue an affair with Gregg.

We also have Ruby playing an angel, giving out money to mostly everyone trying to get a payday loan. Once they get a little taste of money, they don’t now how to act.

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After a successful week of selling cars, Beth treats Dean to dinner and an after party.  While at the bar, Beth spots Rio (we know he’s watching her every move).  Beth makes a beeline to the restroom.  Of course you know Rio followed her, because, he can do whatever he wants.  SURPRISE!  And boy did he!  Let’s just let that sink in that they both had their way with each other.

I almost forget, Agent Turner (James Lesure) went to visit Mary Pat and during their conversation, her son was looking for popsicles and let it slip that she took it out when she put Leslie in the freezer.  Yes, right in front of Agent Turner…go figure.

Now that Rio had his way with Beth, he is coming for Boland Motors.  He surprises Beth and Dean and lets them know they are all business partners with him having 60% of the profits.

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Manny Montana Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC