Will & Grace (S10E17) “The Things We Do For Love”

This season of Will & Grace has been full of ups and downs, with so many changes for each character, some more significant than others. Love, may be a powerful force, but can that alone be enough in life? I’m sure that the answer will come sooner than we think.

willandgraces10e172 1024x603 - Will & Grace (S10E17) “The Things We Do For Love”
One hell of a party! (Photo: NBC)
The party to end all parties

The scene is set during the aftermath of Jack’s (Sean Hayes) spectacular bachelor party. With one huge party out of the way, the big day is coming closer and closer. I don’t think many people expected this day to come, especially with Jack’s former lifestyle. He has changed for the better and has evolved as a person, at least when it comes to commitment. Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez) is the one he is meant to be with if only he could hang onto the very important coins, needed for their ceremony.

There needs to be an element of comedy in the series, after all. With all the serious undertones as of late, it’s always nice to have those moments. Nikki (Samira Wiley) is back. Karen (Megan Mullally), in all her glory, declares that she is now a full-blown lesbian, embracing her new life to the fullest. Even though she seems to be going overboard with tired stereotypes, you can’t but admire her for her conviction, and pure enjoyment to a different side of life.  But is this what she truly wants?

willandgraces10e171 1024x675 - Will & Grace (S10E17) “The Things We Do For Love”
Karen’s new look. (Photo: NBC)
Give and take, and take and take

Noah (David Schwimmer) and Grace (Debra Messing) have opened up their home, for an intimate dinner party. Although things don’t seem to be going quite as planned when it becomes clear that Grace is the one making all the compromises. It seems as though old habits die-hard. Doing his best to stay out of her business, Will (Eric McCormack) attempts to hide his true thoughts on the subject, but we all know that doesn’t last for long.

Grace knows when something is up, and it doesn’t take long for the truth to come to the surface. Not surprisingly, this revelation upsets her. She is trying to find a different way to exist, even if she’s only doing it to make Noah happy. Perhaps things aren’t as seamless as they seem. This becomes evident when Noah bails on Jack’s wedding because an old friend is coming to town. Leaving the question, what is most important?

willandgraces10e173 1024x609 - Will & Grace (S10E17) “The Things We Do For Love”
House party, gone wrong. (Photo: NBC)

The answer doesn’t seem to be clear-cut, so when Will confronts Grace about her real thoughts on the matter, there is misery in her voice. Things aren’t perfect, and now Noah knows the truth. Viewers were left off with a “to be continued”, this is one of those make it or break it moments, hopefully, Noah and Grace can find a way through this bump in the road. In a healthy relationship, there needs to have some give and take from both sides.

Oh, and did you know that McCoy (Matt Bomer) is out on assignment in London? Well. You do now.

There is only one episode left in this season, and it’s going to be a big one. Jack and Estefan are getting married, with all 13 coins.


The season finale of Will & Grace airs Thursday, April 4th on NBC at 9/8c.