Star Trek Discovery (S02E11) “Perpetual Infinity”

Hey there, fellow trekkies! It’s time for the latest review of Star Trek Discovery. The episode is called ‘Perpetual Infinity’.

control is here

The show starts off with a flashback to Michael’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) past. She’s with her parents at the research facility. The Klingon ship approaches. Her parents hide Michael. Michael wakes up in sickbay on Discovery. She’s confused and disoriented. Spock (Ethan Peck) stops in and has news that they’ve recovered the mission logs from the suit.

Onboard the Section 31 ship, Control asserts itself. It interrogates Leeland (Alan Van Sprang) and eventually takes him over. Michael’s mother (Sonja Sohn) remains unconscious, so Michael passes the time by watching the logs. She finally knows what happened to her mother. She managed to escape the Klingons but ended up about 950 years into the future. No matter what she did, time kept pulling her back to the desolate future.

let’s destroy some data

Leeland (as Control) starts sowing seeds of suspicion in Section 31. He questions whether Micheal’s mother is who she says she is. He wants the Sphere data and convinces Ash (Shazad Latif) to procure it. As Michael watches more logs, she discovers that her mother had manipulated the Sphere to cross paths with the Discovery. 

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Leeland and Georgiou. Photo courtesy of Google.

Michael’s mother wakes up. She wants to speak with Pike (Anson Mount). He obliges and goes down to see her. Pike questions her about the signals. She says she has nothing to do with them. She demands he destroy the Sphere data. Pike reluctantly agrees. When they go to delete it, the crew discovers that the data doesn’t want to be deleted. Now they have to figure out what to do next.

Spock and Michael have a conversation. He was ashamed of having dyslexia, even though having it may very well have helped to save the future. Michael is upset that her mother wouldn’t speak with her. Spock suggests speaking with Pike. Pike gives Michael permission to go see her mother. Her mother seems less than thrilled to see her. It seems like she only cares about the bigger picture now.

Containment field failure is imminent. A sudden stroke of inspiration hits as the crew realize they can transfer the Sphere data into the suit. Once the field fails and the suit is pulled back through time, it would be out of reach of Control. As for Michael’s mother, they can create a dark matter transport to move her into their fixed timestream.

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Michael with her mother. Photo courtesy of Google.
time to fight

Leeland is trying to manipulate Georgiou. He sends Georgiou on a mission to kill Michael’s mother. When Georgiou speaks with her, she begins to figure things out. Michael’s mother wants Georgiou to take care of Michael when she is gone. Georgiou has discovered the bigger picture. In one last conversation with Michael, her mother tells her that she had been there in the shadows, watching her daughter grow up.

Ash discovers Control. He gets mortally wounded but manages to alert Discovery. Leeland attacks the research facility. Time has run out and they have to let Michael’s mother go. Leeland and Georgiou have a brutal battle. Michael says goodbye to her mother as she and the suit are pulled back through the fixed point. Section 31 ship gets away, with Control on board.

The show ends with Micheal and Spock playing a game of chess as Micheal processes what just happened.

final thoughts

I am honestly not sure what to make of this episode. We probably won’t see Michael’s mother again. This is unfortunate. There was so much potential character development there. But maybe I’m wrong. We might see her again next episode, who knows?

I really, really hope that Ash is not dead. That would just be awful and again, would kill more potential character development. I was happy to see Spock being nicer to Michael this episode. Showing more of his human side, I guess. Wonder if the crew can find Section 31 before it’s too late. The plot thickens.

I give this episode a 6/10.

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