A.P. Bio (S02E04) “Toledo’s Top 100”

Who made it as Toledo, Ohio’s top 100 sexiest male bachelor’s list?  Here’s a recap!


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When Jack announced to the staff that his name is on a list of top 100 sexiest male bachelors in Toledo, Ohio; he’s not the only one as well as Ralph’s name is on the list. After everyone is excited for Ralph, Jack learns that Ralph made it to the top 10 sitting at #8; while Jack is at in the top 90. Jack not only gets some help from the class but gets Ralph to speak up about him at the cover shoot that ended both of them off the list. Jack, feeling bad, helps gets Ralph’s name back on the list and exchange to be at the party as a bartender.

Meanwhile, Victor and another classmate try to ask a girl out. But it’s Victor’s girl-crush that got really comes into questions when he goes telling Stef, the teacher, about how he feels about her and gives her a gift, a purse. Being shocked by the gift and trying to keeps it; she later gives it back to Victor and the two fist pump as friends.

“Toledo’s Top 100” was hilarious but also cringle worthy of an episode. The Jack and Ralph storyline was as good as it could be in this episode; with such memorable moments coming from Helen and Heather. But it’s Victor and Stef that really had me laughing but in a weird and worried way. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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