Bull (S03E18) “Dont Say A Word”

Screenshot 2019 03 25 22 57 08 1 300x196 - Bull (S03E18) "Dont Say A Word"“Don’t Say A Word ” presents Bull with another matter  of  family and murder!

Although the previous episode of  Bull, “Parental Guidance” was a family matter  it has little similarity, other than murder and …”save the children!”  Both are excellent.

First off, the previously pissed off Diana (Jill Flint) is in the mix. She’s set aside her anger with Bull, temporarily  and “for goodness sake!”  “She”s saving the children”…from their dad!,

She’s also putting her license on the line, for “dad” was her client.

She’s breaking all kinds of Professional Ethics codes and principles.  Yet regardless of consequences,  she calls Bull as a secret hire.

It starts when we see a very wealthy, mean and drunk,  Derek Reed. (Darren Pettie)  He quarrels with his soon to be ex, Amanda  (Logan Rose  Nelms) He shoots his ex in the back, as she ascends the stairs. 

Earlier, she had gotten an emergency call from  “Honey Bear” from Derek’s ranch. She decides to go  get her kids.

During the trial, Derek claims the murder was a mistake.  I think he even had tears. He thought Amanda was an intruder, so he shot her. He’s acquitted.  Diana Lindsay represented Derek.

The Harpers, the deceased Amanda’s parents, (Adam Lezfevre and Debra Monk) are suing for custody. They know Derek killed their daughter, in cold blood 

Meanwhile, still pissed that Bull blew her off when he was “consoling” his ex;  Diana agrees, if Bull wins, she’ll forgive him.  Maybe have dinner; maybe even sex. 

Till then, he’s in a hotel in K-dee Texas, outside Houston, alone, courtesy of Di.  It’s strictly business.

He didn’t say “yes”  but his agreement   was written all over his face and body ! “Yes!” Indeed.

So Bull calls the team. Benny and Taylor arrive.  Marissa has a doctor’s appointment, time sensitive. I’m thinking OBGYN and fertility. 

The drama gets SOAPY, when Dirty laundry from 45 years ago, surfaces. Courtesy of the defense 

Scandelous for the time; this out of wedlock baby  and  consequential abandonment   could cost  the Harpers the case. 

TAC didnt know, and was not prepared. The wife didn’t know either;  and “Rut roh” Grandma is livid! 

Yes, it got messy; yet the most interesting ending was gold. I love “never see it coming” twists.  This one does  not disappoint

I even learned a few thing’s about  double jeopardy in Texas! It’s tricky and can be done…sort of .

How Bull pulled this out of the hat at the 11th hour, continues to amaze. Yet the answer was always in front of him. 

Even the significance of  “Don’t say a word” is revealed   Think Britney Murphy’s  sing-song ,  “I’ll never tell”  

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