Chicken Girls (S04E03) “The Future is Female”

Screenshot 2019 04 03 20 46 08 1 300x125 - Chicken Girls (S04E03) "The Future is Female"“The Future is Female” immediately got my attention. Sounds Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel! 

Yet tonight we witness student unrest as well as some pretty cute moments of understanding and support  in relationships

The  Attaway Appeal published  the article Rhyme wrote about the obsolete, sexis and outdated  Home Ec class. 

Sparked by Luna, there ‘s a movement; they’re boycotting the class. The girls are all in…Rhyme not so much.  She looks at the teacher and mouths “sorry” 

Robbie is back and preparing to leave again.  Ellie says the magic word, “Stay” So he does. Sweet! 

However, because she spoke so unkindly about Robbie, she doesn’t want her friends to know, she caved so quickly. He laughs and agreed to the sneak. Even after she slaps him in front of friends to keep up the pretend.  They’re so cute! 

Ezra has an accent. British! Anyway he writes a rebuttal to the Rhyme article. Headline: “Critique Militant  Feminist”…after he casually congratulates her on the great read! What’s up with this guy?! 

It was a well spent, less than 15 minutes. It looks like the series is back on track, after last week’s “filler” episode. The cuteness of the couples, Ellie and Rob and even Luna and Ty are adorable. 

I get a sense they really like each other and  they’re just trying to find their way, as well as know their roles,  in this thing called “relationship” 

New episodes of Chicken Girls, air on Youtube and BRAT channel, Tuesday @ 3p/Pacific