This Is Us (S03E18) “Her” Season Finale

The season three finale of This Is Us found the door that was not only comforting; but also opens a new door that asked more questions. Here’s a recap!


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Let’s just start with Kate and Toby because I think we should start with some good news coming out of the finale. As baby Jack is pulling through and breathing on his own; the doctor wants everyone to watch closing as he might forget to breathe. Rebecca is there to learn alongside with Kate and Toby of what to do when baby Jack forgets to breathe…by tapping his leg. During a moment between Kate and Rebecca, Jack forgets to breathe and Rebecca just tapped his leg while Kate was worried and trying to get a nurse. All is good as the baby was brought home.

Kevin and Zoe spend some time with Tess and Annie. Tess needs a new dress for the school dance, but doesn’t know what’s her own style and look. She talks about it with Kevin and the two connected as he helped with her problem. Kevin still thinks that he and Zoe being around Tess and Annie could change her mind about having children, but that’s a no go. Eventually, they break up.

In the past; Rebecca getting into a car accident and had to stay a night in the hospital. Jack and the kids weren’t too happy not having her around. He decides to go see her a few hours before visiting hours were to be; but the nurse allowed them to go anyway.

As for Beth and Randall, the two are having a hard time finding the door to the solution for their problem. As Deja gave Randall advice that opened his mind to resign his position; Beth found a way to make it all work: moving to Philadelphia as she wants to start her own dance studio. After thinking about it, Randall, Beth, and company pack up their things as they move.

As we come to an end, we see the future as Beth makes coffee and Randall and Tess come in. They are in apparently Kevin’s home and everyone is coming that includes Toby and Jack. Kevin’s son is walking around and tells Randall that Kevin is out getting take-out and soon Randall goes to see Rebecca, who’s not only too good. Nicky is there by her bedside and Randall comes in to tell her, “It’s Randall mom, your son.”

“Her” was such an emotional and heartbreaking season finale with humor to help get through it. I had predicted that Baby Jack would make at the end of the season, plus Kevin and Zoe breaking up. I still think that Kevin and Sophie will get back together.

As for the Randall and Beth situation, I thought could go 50/50 either way. But watching them decide to move and seeing where she still has her wedding ring on when hugging Randall in the future scene; it seems that things are all right.

The heartwarming moment came when watching Jack pleading with the nurse for them to be with Rebecca after a long night without her. But the heartbreaking moment came when we see Randall walk to Rebecca’s room to see her not looking so good. Could she have Alzheimer’s? I had a feeling that the series finale would be around the death of Rebecca in one of the most joyous endings.

The writing and performance of this episode were outstanding. There might have been some predicted moments.  Overall I enjoyed it and I thought it was another great episode and another great ending. I give this episode a 9.5/10.

What did you think of the season finale? What do you think Season 4 will bring and most importantly what will the series finale? I do expect a renewal but I think it’s going to be a three-year renewal because the show’s creator has a six-year story.

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