Shazam! (2019)

Alright guys and gals I have a fantastic movie review here for you all today, and this movie review will be spoiler free because I know that the movie is just being released on Friday and I want all my readers to not feel like this review is going to spoil things and scenes. So lets get to this review!

Okay so I’m going to try my best to not spoil anything especially since I said it’s going to be spoil free and I like keeping my reviews spoil free when it comes to movies. I have to be honest though, I feel like this is just step one of rebooting the DC Entertainment Universe in a way by bringing all the origin stories of the heroes into films and by introducing the hero Shazam (Zachary Levi) is definitely the best choice they could have ever done. I think this film is going to be at least the third best DC film brought to us in present times.

The film itself follows a young boy by the name of Billy (Asher Angel) whose mission has always been to find his mother, but is always hitting dead ends and is then thrown into the final foster home that is run by Victor (Cooper Andrews) and Rosa Vasquez (Marta Milans) who foster already 6 other kids or I think it’s six it seemed like six but could’ve been five though.

Truth be told I have never seen this actor who plays Billy before on anything, but he did a really good job playing the part as the lost kid whose on a solo mission till he gets turned into a superhero. He really did help bring the character to life and I think Zachary Levi and Asher Angel had to of worked really hard together to see how each other acted in the role because both actors did fantastic in the parts of the character they played.

Cooper Andrews, only knowing him from The Walking Dead series and now on these movies as the foster dad, he really is becoming an actor that I want to follow his career. The guy just brings so much joy and love to the movie and to the television series that hes on, but at least he’s moving away from having to kill zombies to fostering foster kids. I hope we see him return when the movie gets a sequel, I would love to see him come back in sequels and be kind of a mentor or guide to Billy and give him advice that no one else will be able to. I think it would be pretty cool to see him come back for sequels.

The whole film was really hilarious, but it also brought not just comedy but it also brought action and adventure like many superhero movies but it really mixed both up really well to give us the best superhero movie or at least one of the best. I really do hope this film does well in the box office, it really made me surprised by it’s performance and it’s a film that is meant to be not just for the adults but also for the kids, it would definitely have to be counted as a family friendly film.

It makes me think though, watching this film and knowing how well Warner Bros has always done with Superman and Batman and made the two of them as the foundations footprints in a way of DC. Will Warner Bros be breaking the cycle by not focusing on Superman and Batman and focus more on the other heroes that don’t get enough credit or are very known to the people who don’t read the comics. And I mean even though Shazam is one of those heroes that has been used in many of the Warner Bros DC Animated Universe, I’m really glad that they brought him to the DC Extended Universe films because it was a really good origin story and beginning to the heroes journey.

If you all want to see a film that are filled with humor, major comedy, action and adventure then Shazam is definitely for you, I highly recommend this film to all superhero film fans even if you are just starting out in the superhero films this is one to start yourself out and then back track to the other films. Just go see the film!

Shazam is now out in theaters!