Fresh Off The Boat (S05E14/15) “Cupid’s Crossbow”/”Be a Man”

From learning about Valentine’s Day to getting influenced by The Sopranos here’s a recap of Fresh Off The Boat.

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“Cupid’s Crossbow”

It’s Valentine’s Day and while Louis pulls a special Valentine’s Day special at the Cattleman’s; Eddie gets a mysterious love note from someone. Here’s a recap!

As Louis prepares for a Valentine’s Day special at the Cattleman’s restaurant, he tries to get Jessica in on the love holiday but passes to do taxes. But when Even needs the advice to ask a girl, instead of going to Jessica…he goes to Louis.  Louis helps Evan and pulls off a gutsy move by dressing up as a frog to get Evan to ask her if she would be his valentine. Her answer: yes!

Meanwhile, while Eddie has no dates, he works and delivers to those that aren’t cooking from Cattleman. As he drops off his receipts, he gets a note on one of the back that read that someone has a crush on him. Eddie tries to go door to door and even gets Honey to help, but after getting chased, almost sprayed and asked for $15 dollars back; it all leads to nothing: even though he did think that Honey wrote it, which she didn’t. But the mysterious person happens to be Trent’s sister.

Also, to prove that Jessica knows about love and the valentines day holiday; she tries to show Evan and Louis but failed even with her so call a fake boyfriend. But she apologies to Evan about her acted but this time she really apologies.

“Cupid’s Crossbow” was a very good episode. Talk about a stunning move as Evan chooses his father over his mother for advice to ask a girl out. I so much enjoy watching Louis helping Evan coming up with ways to get him to ask his girlfriend on a date. Also, the Eddie and Honey storyline was good as well and the ending to who it was was pretty stunning at most. Overall, I give the episode an 8/10.

“Be A Man”

When Jessica realizes that Eddie might have influenced Evan to do “Eddie” things, it worries her to death about her perfect little boy. When Evan gets suspended for pulling a fart act; Jessica gets Eddie to apologies. But it all comes down to the real truth and that was that Evan tried his best to avoid facing a tough competitor in fencing. Eddie and Jessica tell Evan that it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, Jessica will still love him. In the end, he lost but celebrated by going to the arcade with Eddie.

Meanwhile, Louis learns that Honey and Marvin has HBO and wants to watch The Sopranos. When Louis ask Marvin for help with a rat problem in his mother’s room, Marvin asked to switch places so he can take care of the rat while Louis can watch The Sopranos with Honey. But after watching a few episodes, things start to overthink for Louis as Marvin and his mother have become very close. He sends Emery to spy on them and learn that they were all talking about good things about him. After apologizing, Louis gives Honey, Marvin, and his mother his one-person show, for which he should apologize for too.

“Be a Man” was a very good episode. I love the Jessica, Eddie and Evan storyline as it was probably one of the best this season. Strong character development and good performances as well. I enjoyed the Louis storyline; but it was overshadowed by some of The Sopranos references; which had me thinking of rewatching the show. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.