Star Trek Discovery (S02E12) “Through The Valley of Shadows”

Hey, trekkies! It’s time for my latest review of Star Trek Discovery. This episode is called ‘Through The Valley of Shadows’.

reunions and rogue ships

After a brief recap, the episode opens with Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) alone in her room. She’s still reeling over the loss of her mother. Amanda (Mia Kirshner) contacts her and tried to comfort her. Spock (Ethan Peck) stops by her quarters to take her to Pike (Anson Mount). A fourth signal has been detected over a Klingon planet called Boreth.

Michael wants to go after Leeland (Alan Van Sprang), but Pike says to focus on the signals. According to Intel from Ash (Shazad Latif), the planet has a monastery dedicated to Kahless. Later on, Ash and Michael are able to talk. He reveals the existence of his son to her. Ash gets a signal from one of the Section 31 ships. It was late checking in. Michael figures it’s worth checking out.

L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) comes aboard and meets with Ash and Pike. She tells them that there are time crystals on Boreth. She knows how dangerous it would be for Ash to go and forbids him. Pike volunteers to go.

star trek discovery season 2 episode 12 easter eggs references 300x169 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E12) "Through The Valley of Shadows"
L’Rell and Ash with Pike. Photo courtesy of Google.
determination at it’s finest

Since Pike is gone, Saru (Doug Jones) is acting Captain. He gives Michael permission to go investigate the rogue Section 31 ship. Pike goes down to Boreth. He meets the TimeKeepers. He offers a trade for a crystal and is refused. But Pike is stubborn. He says he’ll do anything to get a crystal. He wants to prove himself.

Spock accompanies Michael on her mission. She’s annoyed that he’s coming, but doesn’t argue too much. In the mess hall, the crew is eating lunch. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) is still depressed about Hugh (Wilson Cruz). The others around him are playing a name game. Jett Reno (Tig Notaro) sits with him and attempts to cheer him up a bit. But he’s still upset and eventually leaves.

On Boreth, Pike figures out that his guide, Tenavik is L’Rell and Ash’s son. He aged being in the presence of the Time Crystals. We go back to Spock and Michael. She is still upset at what had happened. Actually, her words were ‘enraged’. Spock still believes that the signals have meaning. When they arrive at their destination, they discover the bodies of the crew had been ejected into space. All except one. Lieutenant Gant. He tells them A.I locked the crew out of the ship. Michael and Spock decide to go investigate the ship and take Gant with them.

star trek discovery season 2 episode 12 review through the valley of shadows 300x201 - Star Trek Discovery (S02E12) "Through The Valley of Shadows"
Spock, Gant, and Michael aboard the infected ship. Photo courtesy of Google.
do i really wanna know?

Ash and L’Rell have a chance to talk privately. She tells him that she knows about his love for Micheal. She has let him go. He’s more Ash than Voq now. On Boreth, Tenavik takes Pike into ‘the pillar of the present’. Piek touches a Time Crystal. He sees a future where there a battle and he becomes badly wounded and eventually chair bound. After he has a moment to collect himself, he takes the crystal, knowing he has sealed his fate.

When Gant, Michael, and Spock beam aboard the ship, it flies away. Jett makes a visit to the doctor and gives Hugh some sound advice. After debating how to deal with the AI, Spock and Michael figure they can create a ‘dummy system’ to lure the AI into a ‘cage’. Effectively trapping it from the rest of the ship’s functions. But things take a turn when Michael discovers that Gant had been taken over by Control. It was a trap to lure her there. Michael confronts Control, who wants to take her over.

let’s take control

There is a phaser fight. Michael gets shot but manages to initiate the system reboot. Nanobots pour out of Gant’s body and make their way towards Michael.  Spock manages to immobilize them at the last moment. They regain control of the ship and fly back to Discovery.

Pike returns to the ship and tells Ash and L’Rell about their son. He also says he got the Time Crystal and the sacrifice was ‘personal’. Section 31 ships start surrounding Discovery. Too many to fight. Michael proposes to destroy the ship and the data.

Pike gives the order.

final thoughts

I feel like this episode was better than the last one. The action with Spock and Michael aboard the infected ship was exciting to watch. I thought it was cool how there was a reunion of sorts for Ash and L’Rell. The scenes with Jett Reno added a touch of humor which was nice. There are so many theories around about Control. I don’t even want to start guessing. The only thing to do is just watch and see what happens next.

I give this episode an 8.5/10

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