The Bold Type (S03E01) “The New Normal”

Hello The Bold Type Army! Got an amazing news for you, TBT is back and I’m so ready! There was an unfilled place in my heart this whole time while we’ve been waiting for season 3 and now it’s high time for new stories and new beginnings, don’t you think? Things has changed in each character’s life so let’s talk that a little.

Starting with Jane, who have picked up the man to share a life with. Is there anyone who had doubts she’s gonna choose Ryan? Not only did I truly believed she’s gonna pick him, I’ve always knew this two are perfect for each other. The connection they have cannot be forge, they understands each other, they play dumb together, they share same passions and plans. It took them some time to realize this but they found each other and that’s what matters. Glad to watch they open up in front of each other and overcome shame. Looks like they have it all figured out, sex life seems more than great, they discuss every detail of their life, they help each other when needed. What more could you possibly want? And if it is about Jane’s career, a little accident with her new boss looked kinda like trouble. She decided to take him down, but after that she found out he’s actually a decent man who is able to run digital magazine for women. She wanted to prove his not a man for the job but what if he really is? There will be more going on there, I’ve got a feeling they’re gonna develop a relation like the one that has developed between Jane and Jaquelline. Love to watch that TBT is opposed to the stereotype of boss being absolute and severe.
Time for Sutton everyone! My baby being happy with a man she’s completely in love with, mutually. I’ve been waiting for this to happen since the very beginning. She deserve every good of this world. This sweet creature got an opportunity to move in with Richard, who wants to fight their relationship against anyone who doesn’t believe how real their relation is. Gotta say, girl got pretty lucky. But she’s not one of those who makes a decision without thinking through. And she’s that kinda girl who can speak for herself what she wants and what she thinks and that’s why I respect her so much. She could confront Richard about it, she could gibe at a man who talked to Richard at Scarlet evening and she was amazing! She realized she wants to take another big step with him, she was just scary about losing whatever she has with Jane. But let’s be honest, what they have is eternal, no doubts here. Everyone deserves a friend like Jane who you share coconut ice-cream with and talk about life when you need to figure out what should you do. And the most amazing is that they can tell each other however they feel about the other one taking a big step and they advise each other to make decision through the prism of what they want without worrying about other person and despite that they always take the other one’s feelings into consideration because that’s what friends do. Love to watch how they’re happy for the other’s happiness.
Kat’s life seems a little worse compared to the rest of the girls. She didn’t get her happy ending with the person she loves yet, but it doesn’t mean she’s not going to get that at all! She just gonna get it in her own time, I promise. I know she will, she suffered a lot because of the relationship with Adena, maybe it was too complicated. She fought hard to make this relationship works, after it did not work she fought hard to make her life complete again. She has amazing job and amazing friends and despite that she got a little lost. She tried too long without showing that’s she’s not really okay. And she finally broke. There is nothing wrong about it. It’s completely okay to show the world that the truth is you’re not really happy at the moment, you fake a smile when all you wanna do is crying. So cry as much as you want. Then come forward, tell your friends that you’re not okay and deal with the mess in your life like Kat did. Accept what happened, let it make you stronger and start again more powerful than any time before. Who knows, maybe Kat and Adena will find each other in this life and when the time is right it will work out. Or maybe Kat will end up with completely different person, who has been around this whole time but who she’d never even took into consideration as a love interest? Yeah, of course I’m talking about Alex. He acted as a real gentleman and gotta say I kinda like the idea of these two. I think something really great could get out of it. So let’s see how it goes!

Wouldn’t be myself if didn’t write about together scenes at the end of the note, right? I know I say it over and over again but it’s what makes these show special. The support that girls give one to another it’s indescribable. They can easily recognize that the other one is going through something, they won’t ever let that one to go through it alone. That’s truly inspiring. Sometimes when there are no words that can make a difference, simple being next to someone, simple hug makes a huge one. That’s what this TV series teaches us all. Sometimes you just are there for someone and that’s all and that’s everything. Like girls were for Kat at Betty Who concert. Like they were there while packing Adena’s stuff. Like they always are when something is not okay. So uplifting.
Leaving you all with these thought and see you next week with a whole bunch of things to discuss!