A.P. Bio (S02E05) “J’accuse”

Could a game of murder mystery lead to a romance? Here’s a recap!


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When Jack gets invited to a group murder mystery party with all the faculty; he doesn’t want to go but when learning Lynette was going and a record-setting on finding the murderer, Jack was all in. As everyone had to dress like someone from the school; Jack tries his best to find the murderer and get out, but after failing many times, Lynette confronts him and she’s the murderer.

The two devices a plan to place murder stickers on everyone and leave with the prize, a cookie cake. But their victory turned into a night at the football field; the two shared a kiss and it ended with Jack telling Lynette that he doesn’t want to be in Toledo for long, but she does.

Meanwhile, after getting the biology practice test taken away; Sarika gets her classmates to help break in and get that exam sheets from Jack’s desk. But as Sarika tries to break in, the rest are having so much fun, even breaking into the teacher’s lounge. As Sarika gets the test; they try to get her to have some fun and after a moment of deep thoughts and all they started to have fun and even get chased by the security guard.  But not before stopping and seeing Jack and Lynette kiss in the football field.

“J’accuse” is probably one of my favorite episodes of the season so far. I just loved the chemistry between Glenn Howerton and Elizabeth Alderfer’s characters. I feel like I have to be all in with these characters and hope they would be an item, even though Jack tells Lynette that he doesn’t want to stay in Toledo for long. 

Even Jack’s students from Sarika, Victor, Heather and more are just hilarious. They carry the show will brilliant growth and comedic moments. Aparna Brielle shined in this episode;  her character had a big character growth by breaking away from the too good of a student to have fun to having fun with her classmates.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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