Black Summer (S01E01) “Human Flow”

Black Summer is a Netflix Original series, that brings to life the raw, emotional conflict that arises in serious and unsettling catastrophes. It isn’t an easy task to grab viewers attention, especially when zombies are involved. It is a subject that has been revisited countless times, yet there is something striking about this series.

The beginning of the end

A small, idyllic town sets the scene. Although the threat isn’t seen at first, it becomes increasingly clear that something isn’t quite right. The quiet settles, bringing an uneasy tension to the story that unfolds. Each character they introduce has their own role to play, and it’s intriguing how they make sure each story is entwined.

blacksummers1e10 - Black Summer (S01E01) “Human Flow”
Rose and Patrick. Grim times ahead. (Photo: IMDB/Google)

Trying desperately to escape the unseen dangers, Rose (Jaimie King) and her family are caught up in the chaos. The creators have done well to recreate what would happen, in such a dire and unforeseen situation.  Seeking safety, people are frantic to evacuate. Unfortunately, that is not in the cards for the majority of them. It’s heart-wrenching when panic sets in, and Rose is separated from her daughter.

Madness and Reason

There is an unwritten rule of loss, especially in shows like this. In a blink of an eye, the whole world comes crumbling down, altering each characters life forever. Existing between a place of shock, confusion, and fear, even the most questionable acts are not out of the realm of possibility. Rose has lost everyone, including her husband who tried to tear her apart after turning into a manic, violent harbinger of death.

The episode is fast paced, leading you through the mayhem and other encounters along the way.  They want to survive, and sometimes to do that you need to lose pieces of your humanity. With little, to no time to think before another tragedy occurs, it overwhelms the viewer with a sense of dread and hopelessness.

What it is to be human

Viewers are shown the visceral and determined decline through the eyes of one of the infected. Not only can this ‘infection’ be transmitted from being bit, but it also seems to be airborne. Resurrecting the recently deceased. There is something terrifying about that, proving that no one is safe, and there is no way it can be contained for long. Did I also mention that these zombies can run? This adds another, fear-inducing element to the story.

blacksummers1e1 - Black Summer (S01E01) “Human Flow”
Maybe there is hope after all. (Photo: Google)

There is an eclectic group of characters and they all seem to have a part to play, and it will be interesting to see how they all come together. This is the beginning of the end, and they all must fight for their lives, or die trying. Rose’s determination to be reunited with her daughter, will overshadow any horror that is coming for them.

Fear changes people, and this seems like it’s going to be so much more than your average “Zombie Apocalypse”.

There is so much more I could say, but I recommend you watch episode one for yourself.


Rating: 9/10