Killing Eve (S02E01) “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?”

As season 2 begins, only 30 literal seconds have elapsed since the final moments of season 1. Villannelle needs a hospital and Eve apparently needs to buy a big bag of candy.

My friends: prepare to jump right back into the crazy.

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And by that, I of course mean she’s a total wreck. From bugging out of Paris (after narrowly escaping a Twelve clean up crew) to returning to Nico and her “normal” life, Eve is a walking case study of someone living in complete denial. Nico is understandably irked at Eve given how she left him high and dry last season. But in the end, she apologizes for her behavior and they make up and pretend everything is peachy-keen. (And poor Nico probably even believes it’s true.)

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Okay, okay. I admit that’s little simplistic. It’s more like: Villanelle lures a poor taxi driver to hit her with his cab, forcing him to take her to the hospital for her wound and then befriends a young accident victim as only she can. After getting him to help her find a way to get out of the hospital, she takes pity due to his sad story and mercy kills him.

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Another day, another work environment with a stench. But that won’t quell Carolyn Martens’ drive to figure out what’s going on. You see, Carolyn has questions. Lots and lots of questions. Questions like, “what happened in Paris?” Thankfully, Eve opens up and tells her everything. I kid, of course. Eve lies through her teeth. But Carolyn is intuitive enough to realize that even with the lingering questions surrounding Eve and Villannelle’s mutual fascination with each other, Eve is her best chance at taking Villanelle down. Just ask the body she exhumed for Eve to provide her theories about his cause of death.

I guess this means Eve has a job again. All she has to do is stop pretending to be something she is not (aka a normal average wife who isn’t obsessed with one Russian assassin in particular).

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Villannelle understands Eve like no other which is why she knows the reason Eve stabbed her was because of how deeply Eve feels for her. (I personally prefer chocolates as a means of expressing one’s affections to me as opposed to being gouged with a knife, but that’s just me.) Now free from the hospital, Villannelle stows away in some random family car and is on her way to London to see her girlfriend.

I’d watch out if I were you, Nico.

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Favorite Moments:

  • Eve blurting out, “I think I might have killed her” and then realizing she was disrupting a marriage proposal
  • Villannelle getting excited over lollipops and stickers
  • Eve making Armando from Rushmore Windows and Glazing’s day
  • “I’m fi–“

Episode Death Count: 2

  • Madame Tattevin (by The Twelve’s clean up crew)
  • Gabriel (by Villanelle) RIP Pizza-face 😭

Favorite Quote:

Carolyn to Eve: “There’s no need to play the reluctant ingenue with me. Just save that for your husband.”


Lingering Questions:

  • Why did Nadia address her note specifically to Eve?
  • Why did The Twelve send a hit team after Villannelle? Was it because of Konstantin or Anton? Or some other reason we don’t know about yet?
  • How long do you think it’ll be before Nico ends up like Anna’s husband, Max? (I’m guessing 4 episodes or less)

Final Thoughts:

Going into a new season of any show, but especially one as clever and quirky as Killing Eve is, there’s always a question as to whether or not it’ll maintain the same quality as its previous season. There’s always a risk. Sometimes brilliant shows are mutilated by well-meaning individuals trying to change things up for dramatic effect or whatever. I’m beyond happy to say that Killing Eve season 2 shows no sign of this. I’ve seen no indication that the addictive tone and tenor that made season one an absolutely “must watch” show has been altered in any way.

Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body? sets the stage brilliantly for what’s to come this season while maintaining the integrity of the wickedly complex cast of characters. It also poses some extremely important questions listed above while adding new layers to existing ones, like just who is Carolyn Martens and how does she fit into this puzzle? I don’t think she’s a member of The Twelve but I think it’s pretty clear that there’s a lot more to her story than what we know so far.

Also, I have to say this, as this is a thought that occurred to me while watching this episode. As much attention and accolades as Sandra Oh receives for her role as Eve Polastri (and don’t get me wrong here…they’re all totally deserved), I sometimes feel like Jodie Comer’s brilliant portrayal of Villannelle gets overshadowed by Sandra’s genius. Perhaps my perspective is skewed or I’m missing something. But I just want to state for the record that Jodie Comer is abso-freaking-amazing as Villannelle, managing to add layers of vulnerability and quirky humor to what one might normally perceive as a dark character.

All the awards.

I give Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body? 5 lollipops (in honor of the ones Villanelle stole from the hospital caddy) out of a possible 5.

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