MacGyver (S03E19) “Friends + Enemies + Border”

On this episode of MacGyver, the writers didn’t waste time to take us on a tumultuous and action-packed adventure. There is no room for error, but what happens when the person you need the most is nowhere to be found? (Spoilers Ahead)

MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Desi (Levy Tran), are on their own assignment over the seas and across dangerous borders. When a desperate plea for help interrupts their journey, MacGyver will stop at nothing to lend a hand, despite Desi’s outspoken protests. Once MacGyver has his mind set on something, there is no going back. When they find innocent people trapped in a sinkhole, they must work against the clock to get them to safety. If only it were that easy, a prior injury makes it a most pressing matter.

macgyvers03e19 1024x683 - MacGyver (S03E19) “Friends + Enemies + Border”
Trouble is around every corner for Mac and Desi. (Photo: Google)
Altered Perspectives = Game Changer

Meanwhile, back at the Phoenix Foundation, Riley (Tristin Mays) is hard at work trying to uncover the source of their information leak, and Bozer (Justin Hires) is doing everything in his power to avoid that specific responsibility. If only he knew what was to happen next, he may have stayed to help. The simple task to retrieve James (Tate Donovan) from chemotherapy hits a snag when Bozer finds himself at the mercy of a new threat. A bomb, in which he unwittingly armed. Trapped in the car, he must rely on outside forces to get him out safely.

There are a lot of tense moments in this episode. They have done a great job at building up the two separate stories, making for a stress-inducing hour. Unable to reach MacGyver, they are on their own. With so many unknowns in the equation, it doesn’t bode well for Bozer, but there is always another alternative, even if they don’t have MacGyver at their disposal.

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Danger finds Bozer at every turn. (Photo: Screenshot By Author of Review)
Don’t count anyone out just yet

Desi and MacGyver were successful in their retrieval for the trapped refugees, but immediate medical aid is needed for their captor, Felix. They are not bad people, just trying to escape a life that is full of dangers and violence. Time is never their friend on this show, but they always find a way to make things work. Don’t have the right medical devices? Don’t worry, MacGyver has a fix for that. Armed traffickers trying to shoot up the place? Well, that’s when Desi shines. No matter the chaos, there is always a way through.

The team, even when apart, seem to do their best thinking when under pressure. This comes out in the two different story arcs, making the viewers remain on the edge of their seats till the very end of the episode. The writers are truly brilliant, bringing out an amazing episode that is full of so many ups and downs. Sure, in the end, we expect MacGyver to work his magic and save the day, but if he’s not there, others must think outside the box.

macgyvers03e194 - MacGyver (S03E19) “Friends + Enemies + Border”
Bozer will never be alone. Him and Riley are in this together. (Photo: Google)
“We are in this together”

When it becomes apparent that there is no way to diffuse the bomb, emotions start to rise and so does the stress of the situation. In this show, there is always another way out, that doesn’t involve an untimely death for our dear Bozer. Both him and Riley truly shine in this episode. No one is getting left behind, and in a true gesture of friendship, family, Riley risks her own life to stay by Bozer’s side. Luckily, ideas manifest, and a light is seen at the end of the tunnel.

All it takes is changing one’s perspective, and in this case, it’s what helped to save Bozer’s life. Riley took a chance, and it paid off this time. I am sure there will be a time when they find themselves out of luck, but today was not that day. Adding a deeper appreciation to life. As Matty (Meredith Eaton) reminds them, the chaos is just beginning. There is a new threat, who wants James dead, and this won’t be the last we see of them.

As the episode comes to a close, it seems even more endearing than usual. Against all odds, they survived through another day. This time Desi joins them. We get to see a new, emotional side to her this episode. Showing that she is human, and not just a robot who knows how to throw a punch.

Whatever comes next, there is no preparing for it.


MacGyver returns on Friday, April 26th on CBS at 8/7c.