Star Trek Discovery (S02E13) “Such Sweet Sorrow Pt. 1”

Hello, trekkies! It’s time for the latest review of Star Trek Discovery. The episode is called ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ and it’s a two-parter. Part Two will air next week.

(Due to issues with being able to upload any photos, I won’t be using any pictures in this review. Sorry about that.) On with the review!

and so it begins

After a brief recap, the episode opens on Vulcan. We see Amanda (Mia Kirshner) attending Sarek (James Frain), who has a vision of Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green). On the Discovery,  the crew is preparing to evacuate to the Enterprise. Michael talks in the background about her decisions and how everything that happened led to their current predicament.

Pike (Anson Mount) comes to talk with Michael. He tells her in no uncertain terms to hurry up. As Michael prepares to leave, she touches the Time Crystal.  She sees flashes of battle. The crew is now safely aboard the Enterprise. Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) comes aboard. She has a few words with Michael. The crew of the Enterprise watch as the countdown to detonation begins. Nothing happens. They fire upon Discovery, but the shields go up. The ship is defending itself.

Michael sees her vision from the Time Crystal more clearly. She sees Leeland (Alan Van Sprang) board the ship. He systematically kills the crew, including Michael. She is understandably shaken and lets the crew know what’s going on. She deduces that Discovery has to go to the future since it is now completely merged with the Sphere. The senior officers meet to discuss the latest turn of events.

hello to Po

They start figuring out the logistics of building a new suit. Michael has to be the one to take the ship into the future. They also talk about the signals. A fifth signal appears. Some of the key crew returns to Discovery and they use the Spore Drive to go to the new signal. It’s the planet Xahea, home to Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po (Yadira Guevara-Prip) “Po” for short. The Queen that Tilly (Mary Wiseman) had befriended. Po is finally able to meet Michael, Pike and the others.

In engineering, Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Hugh (Wilson Cruz) have a talk. They talk about forward motion and moving on. It’s a very sad, almost heartbreaking scene. The crew continues to work out their plans. Po offers her assistance in refining the Time Crystal. Since it’s going to take an enormous amount of power to charge the crystal, the ship has to sacrifice the Spore Drive. It also means that the journey to the future is a one-way trip for Michael.

The crew gathers together and Michael shares the plans with them. She delivers a very heartwarming speech.  In engineering, Po tells Tilly that she is staying on the ship to help. Georgiou corners Michael and tells her to stop being a martyr. She also mentions the whole plan is a bad idea. Amanda and Sarek use the Vulcan link with Michael to come and visit her. Michael expresses gratitude for both of them. They are proud of her and Spock (Ethan Peck). In an uncharacteristic moment of emotion, Sarek asks for forgiveness, which Michael gives.

friends stick together

Later, Michael runs into Tilly. Instead of saying goodbye, Tilly leads her to where the crew has gathered. All of her friends and Spock are there. Tilly tells her that they are joining her in the foray into the future. They are going willingly and understand the sacrifice they are making. Ash (Shazad Latif) is staying behind to keep an eye on Section  31 and to ensure nothing like control ever happens again. Saru (Doug Jones) sends a goodbye message to his sister. Tilly and the others send messages to their loved ones as well.

Pike is going back to the Enterprise. Before going, he speaks with the crew. He tries to appoint a new captain but then realizes it’s not the time for it. The Time Crystal isn’t charging as quickly as they need it to. Jett (Tig Notaro) offers to finish charging the crystal manually. She kicks out Tilly and Stamets from the lab. The Time Crystal shows her the same flashes of battle that Michael had seen.

Everyone else leaves Discovery and they prepare themselves for battle.

final thoughts

This episode is a preparation episode for sure. We are going to see some major dogfights in the next episode. I love how they did the Enterprise. It looks like a streamlined version of the ship from the original series. I love how Po showed up. I watched all the Star Trek shorts, and I am glad they were able to give them a context in the actual series. Other than that, I thought it was a sad episode, but it needed to happen before all the exciting stuff.

Overall I give this episode an 8/10

Catch Part Two of this episode of Star Trek Discovery on Thursday, Apr 17 on Space 5/8E.