Fresh Off The Boat (S05E18-19) “Rancho Conteno”/”Vice Mommy”

From planning to retire to telling someone how they feel, here’s a recap!


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“Rancho Conteno”

To set for retirement or not that is the question!

After celebrating a special anniversary, Louis gave Jessica a gift of retirement papers. Not liking the idea, Jessica turns down Louis’ plan, but he won’t give up. As Jessica signs up to take classes at a college, Louis shows her the place “Rancho Conteno” a place where retirees make something of themselves, but Jessica still turns it down. Louis finally understands the reason when Jessica tells him that the reason that she doesn’t want to retire is that she hasn’t accomplished and wants to make a legacy as principal.

Meanwhile, Eddie tries to improve himself by writing in a journal. He asked Trent what his sister, Tina, is into and learns that she’s a fan of Sex in the City. He learns to put his friends first and does that for the Dance, Dance Revolution. That wins him Tina’s heart and when she asked him to hang out, he declined because of his plans with his friends but a raincheck was applied.

“Rancho Conteno” was another hilarious episode. There was plenty of character growth in this episode with Jessica, Louis, and Eddie, who might have had the best in this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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“Vice Mommy”

Vice Mommy” was a good episode but it had some moments that was lagging at times. Louis awards Eddie for his work, but Eddie isn’t quite liking it and tries to give it to someone who deserves it. As Jessica is going to school, Even takes on the responsibility when she’s gone but also tries to still have their mommy and son time, which doesn’t turn out well for Evan.

I couldn’t feel where Eddie storyline was going at times and but I did enjoy the ending the episode when Eddie confronts Tina about how he wants to ask her out so bad; which she says yes. The Evan storyline was very good and hit its mark with hilarious moments and memorable moments when Evan tells Jessica the truth after Grandma threw a party. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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