The Enemy Within (S01E07) – “Decoded”


The episode starts at the NSA, an analyst steals a USB containing financial cloaking technology for Tal (Lev Gorn). But after being killed in an accident, Keaton plans to use this USB to catch Tal. Keaton (Morris Chestnut) decides to send Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) undercover to the meet, and use this to track Tal. But, the location of the meet is inside a coded message. After many failed attempts, Shepherd decodes the message to the meet. Shepherd questions Keaton allowing her to go undercover. But Keaton says that he doesn’t trust her for a second, but trusts how much she wants to catch Tal. With Bragg (Noah Mills) and Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) on site, Shepherd goes to the meet. She quickly meets with a guy and hands off the drive, but goes off script and asks him some questions. She does this to see whether or not he knows he’s working for Tal. Moments before heading back Shepherd takes some wire from the railing, wire that would be used to open a lock.

TEW S01E07 SHEPHERD MEET 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E07) - "Decoded"
Shepherd goes undercover to the meet to pass off the USB. But brings back wire which can open a lock, the question is which lock…

Pettigrew follows Braden to an internet cafe where uploads the software. Ryan (Kelli Garner) uses this to track Tal’s rough location, which is in Maryland. Tal is the here, and Shepherd says that it must be very important for him to show his face here. Then there’s a flashback to 3 years ago, to a support group in a church. Keaton’s flashback when he saw the pamphlet in his drawer. A flashback to a time when he had just lost his fiancee. Back in the present, Shepherd uses her time alone and unwatched to pick the lock to a drawer. A drawer which contained burner phones, why would she be taking one of these… Kate seemed suspicious of Shepherd but disregarded it. Moving to an undisclosed location we see Tal meeting with a gentleman, probably a high-level official in the US government. They talk about achieving their goal through action. Tal mentions that he doesn’t have an operative in place and that the FBI could be a problem. The gentleman says that it has to be the right time, and that to let him see what he can do about the FBI.

TEW S01E07 TAL MEETING 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E07) - "Decoded"
Tal comes to the US to meet with someone. This someone is presumably a high-level US government official. But the real question is – What are they planning…?

Following Tal’s financial transactions, another payment is made with the subject KO (Kill Order). And Shepherd realizes that Tal issued this to take out Braden. Following this Shepherd passionately explains why letting Braden die is what is needed in the long run to catch Tal. The team goes back and forth with Shepherd on this matter. But something like this which questions one’s morality to the core, the team doesn’t want to side with Shepherd on this. Shepherd and Keaton talk privately. They talk about that this is similar to the same choice she had to make 3 years ago. Keaton decides to side with the team and protect the kid. Pettigrew informs the team that Braden is at the racetrack, and Keaton says Bragg and an HRT team is en-route. Shepherd tells that that this is a tactically challenging location, one wrong move and Tal vanishes. Continuing to track his financial transactions, Ryan is about 2 transactions away from having his exact GPS location. Everything rides on this op.

TEW S01E07 MORALITY 300x169 - The Enemy Within (S01E07) - "Decoded"
Shepherd said that to catch Tal, you are going to have to make decisions you don’t which will make you question yourself. So what are you willing to sacrifice to catch Tal…

At the racetrack, Braden meets with a friend who tells him that the USB is NSA tech. And either he sells the tech or walks away because he is now a criminal. Braden walks away. Ryan tells Keaton and Zain (Raza Jaffrey) Tal’s location and they race there. At the same time, one of Tal’s operatives is moving on Braden. They need as much time as possible and Bragg quickly and quietly takes the one operative out. But the op quickly goes south. Another operative pulls a gun on the Braden and Pettigrew pushes him out the way and takes a bullet to the chest. Keaton orders the HRT to engage against Shepherd’s objections. Keaton and Zain arrive at the location and it’s empty with something burning in the bin, and just like Shepherd said would happen Tal is gone. We then see Keaton share a moment talking to Pettigrew in the hospital.

Back at HQ, Zain tells Keaton that Tal’s operative was taken by the CIA to an agency black site. And the thing is this decision came from the top down, the very top – the White House. The NSC advisor came and spoke to Molinero himself. This is how we learn that the gentleman Tal met with is the NSC advisor (Michael O’Keefe), one of the most powerful people in the US government. We then see Keaton at the support group speaking about his loss. Then back to the FBI, Shepherd and Keaton talk.

And then we see Shepherd use the phone to an old friend and ask to speak to Tal… Has she been a mole this whole time or is she playing Tal…

Thanks for reading my review. The Enemy Within has been a bit slow lately, but this episode seems to be the beginning of something big. Catch more from The Enemy Within on Tuesday, and catch the promo below. Enjoy!