Chicken Girls (S04E04) “The Stench”

“The Stench” smells like another good episode,  doesn’t it?  It is!

The entire school is on the hunt for a foul odor. A stench, stank, funk.  Something’s rotten in Attaway!  

Of course, there is the on going coming of age, boy-girl stuff and it’s…  curiosity

Ezra and Rhyme,  are still in that  “about last night” mode  and whatever happened in Florida over the summer.  

The cuteness of Luna and Ty,  Hamilon and Quinn…And Drake. He asks Rooney out on a date…kinda. They meet up and seem to like each other. Interested to see where this goes. 

The burning question is,  does Rhy know?  Methinks she suspects.  But she seems to be swearing off relationships, so why care, right?  

Besides, she’ll be more pissy when she finds out her comrade in “no boys” the independent Ellie, is sneaking around with her Boo, Robby. Screenshot 2019 04 12 23 10 46 1 300x160 - Chicken Girls (S04E04) "The Stench"

Birdie returned to school, supported by Rooney and taunted by classmates  Enough whispers, gossip and judgments to go around! After all “Birdie Gone Wild” was a big topic in the last school year! They’re not letting it go. Envy?

On a very serious note: A key into Ezra’s attitude and history is revealed. We’re introduced to his evil step mom, Elena.

 With a glass of wine in her hand and on her lips, she emotionally and psychologically abuses Ezra.

Her words are unkind and intimidating, as she declares he’s a disappointment to his father.  I don’t like child abuse of any kind, so I’m eager to see how this plays out.  

Sidebar items and/or; What did I miss?  Where is Spike?  Where is “The Bee Hive?” And didn’t Ezra have a British accent last week?  

Never the less,  Rhy solved the smell of stank.  It was old molded Sammichs,  Flash and Ace ate when hiding in the basement.  They were fine tuning, their “what’s up” app and left a mess. 

So in the lower bowels of Attaway, molded B.L.T’s  with a huge fan blowing over them, fill the halls with the rancid smell of the leftovers.  Rotting meat! Case closed. 

 Chicken Girls air on Youtube, the Brat channel,  Tuesday 3p/Pacific. Still the Best 15 minutes of viewing at no cost to you!