Fresh Off The Boat (S05E20) “Nerd Watching”

Is Eddie cool enough to win over Evan’s friends? And will Jessica stop Louis’ mother from being on an online scam relationship? Here’s a recap!

We all understand that both Eddie and Evan are different but when in this episode it was another great installment of brothers coming together and bonding. When Eddie has somehow become a mentor to Evan’s friends during a mall outing. It becomes a problem to Evan and tells Eddie that he doesn’t like it and gives him the birds while watching birds. But Evan apologies to Eddie and the two shared a really good moment; Eddie tells him that he’ll be gone in a year to college and be back.

Meanwhile, Louis thinks that his mother is being scammed in an online relationship; but Jessica thinks it’s nothing. After being convinced by Louis and Emery; Jessica becomes worried and tries to stop it. At one point just when things have stopped, Emery and Louis played to Jessica as Emery found his true calling…actor. Even though Jessica doesn’t like the idea of being played; she also doesn’t like the idea of Emery becoming an actor but I think she’ll have to accept it.

“Nerd Watching” was not only funny; it hit me right in the feelings with Eddie and Evan storyline. It was so good and so well performed with such strong character growth. I couldn’t get enough of them and the moments that won were Evan flipping Eddie the “birds” while bird watching; Evan singing “Waterfall” while showing his feelings about how bad he had done to Eddie, and Eddie and Evan talking. Also, Louis and Jessica’s storyline was really a shocker for me; as I really thought that Grandma was really being scammed. The writing was so brilliant. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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