Superstore (S04E15) “Salary”

On Amy’s first day as manager, it doesn’t go so quite well. Here’s a recap!

“Salary” was another stellar episode that had some moments of predictability but really carried it with moments that weren’t. As Amy starts her first day as a manager, she learns the perks of the job, mainly her salary. But when she accidentally allows her contract to be read out loud; it becomes an issue with the staff. One moment comes when Marcus tells that his salary is almost that same amount and Glenn realized that mistake. Meanwhile, Mateo tries to win over Amy to become her replacement as a floor manager with moments of acting like a floor manager. Glenn doesn’t seem to be unhappy for the downgrading his job as he shows his happiness with Garrett, who’s telling him that working here is never happy. 

NUP 185803 0609 300x200 - Superstore (S04E15) "Salary"
SUPERSTORE — “Salary” Episode 415 — Pictured: (l-r) Ben Feldman as Jonah, America Ferrera as Amy — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

I still enjoyed the episode from the beginning to the end. While it still had moments that were seen coming a mile away; like when Mertie accidentally takes Amy’s contract instead of announcements. But there were moments that shine like the employees discussing salaries, Glenn’s moments throughout the episode and Dina upset with Jonah for not taking her side and she tries to get him to cheat on Amy with guest star Alison Haislip, which was amazing. The writing was good and the performances from the cast were amazing. The character development for Amy and Glenn was just amazing. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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