Fam (S01E12) “Say mess to the dress” & (S01E13) “This is FAM” [Season finale]

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After a some weeks hiatus “Fam” returned to its last two episodes of the season. So let’s start talking about them there are a lot of stuff I want to say.

About the 12th episode, “Say mess to the dress” the episode starts with Shannon asking Nick if she can adopt a dog, at what he replies she can’t.  Meanwhile Clem and Rose get to Clem’s home with Rose’s wedding dress that Clem is going to use and wich she pretends to love to not disappoint Rose, however, she hates it, it’s too old fashioned.

Clems ends up ruining it and she finds herself in the hard position of telling it to Rose, however Shannon steps in and tells it was her who ruined the dress. In exchange she gets the dog she wanted.

Meanwhile, Ben (Clem’s best friend) takes Nick into a training to get him tired, in order to “remember the old times” with Clem. Well he got Nick tired for the rest of the episode. Meanwhile Shannon realizes she isn’t ready to have a dog and she gets Ben to adopt the dog. Also I can’t forget to mention the fact that Nick’s dad manage to restore the wedding dress, however Clem finally confessed to Rose her true feelings in what concerned wearing her wedding dress. Even though it’s hard to Rose to let go of her dream of passing on her wedding dress she understands Clem.

About the last episode of the season. The day of the wedding is coming and everyone is nervous. Clem cries for every reason and Rose is a nerve wreck.

Clem and Nick are getting their wedding license when they find out she actually is married to someone else. Who? Ben. Her best friend. They  got married in Vegas and had no idea about it. They get the annullement of the wedding and their wedding license.

On the day of the wedding, everyone is there except Freddie. Nick informs Clem and Shannon that he had been shot. They head to the hospital, were it ends on a nice family scene. The couple gets married in the hospital, and even though it has been seen already it was very beautiful.

That being said, there is no word yet in what regards a season 2. There’s a lot of material to a potential season 2 however there is a huge chance of “Fam” not returning because of its ratings. What are your thoughts on it?

Anyways, for me… I’ll be back whenever we found out more about the series’ fate. In May “The Spanish Princess” starts and I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re gonna watch the show I hope you follow my reviews. Anyways see you soon.

With love, Jo (@living4series)