Legends of Tomorrow (S04E11) “Seance and Sensibility”

Okay guys and gals we have another great episode brought to us tonight and it was interesting as well. Are we getting a shipping of Zari and Nate? Are we getting a taste of what a full on musical episode would look like? Well we have a lot to talk about so lets get to this episode.

So in this episode we had to deal with two major things happen in this episode one was Hank’s (Thomas F. Wilson) funeral and the other side of the episode was finding out what magical creature they had to deal with this time around. Well we found out that it was the Hindu God of Love, they really do have a god for everything in the world, Kamadeva/ Sanjay (Sachin Bhatt) was the subject of forcing love to happen wherever and whenever he felt it was right and it forced Jane Austin (Jenna Rosenow) to no longer want to write romance novels which spooked Mona (Ramona Young) because Jane Austin was apparently the one who taught Mona to become a romantic but they never did say if the solution was really solved in this episode if Jane really did start writing romance novels. But I guess that wasn’t really the big issue, after all it was another big issue that was at hand in this episode.

So I know they are really teasing this right now but it was so obvious in this episode that the writers are really trying to ship Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) but what would the shipping name be? I feel like we would have to go with something like Zate, or Nari, or Zatri, Nazi? I don’t know I need help with this ship, it really is hard to come up with a name for this ship go on and comment you ideas on it my readers and let me know what you think. But I do think that this would be an interesting ship but will it last? I think it would as long as they keep Zari on the show and why wouldn’t they? Zari has shown to become a really amazing and awesome character that can be funny at times and bring lots of fun times to the team. I mean it’s not everyday that you get a superhero like Zari on a show like this and I really do enjoy having her character on the show.

Now I feel like this episode was more of a trial episode to see if one day, and I literally mean one day that maybe they can make a Legends of Tomorrow Musical Episode, maybe even get Grant Gustin’s The Flash to appear on that if they ever do that, cause I mean we all know the guy can sing. And in this trial episode we can see that Tala Ashe can sing really well too, I mean I would love to see a Musical Episode, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who would love to see one actually happen too.

And Constantine (Matt Ryan) found out who the big bad is in this season and it’s a demon that he’s dealt with before, how will things go down in the finale when it does happen? Only time will tell.

Next Episode: Legends of Tomorrow (S04E12) “The Eggplant, The Witch and The Wardrobe” airs Monday April 22, 2019 at 8/7c on The CW