The Tick: Interview with Marc Kudisch


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(Picture credit courtesy of LSG Public Relations)

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Marc Kudisch about his upcoming role on “The Tick” as well as the return of his character Dr. Gus on the new season of “Billions”. He offered a little insight into what we can expect from his character Tyrannosaurus Rathbone as well as Dr. Gus trajectory on “Billions”. With a long-standing career in Theatre, nominated for multiple Tony Award, Marc Kudisch makes the transition from the stage to film and television effortlessly and with such zest. It was a great honour to speak with him regarding these upcoming roles. From myself and everyone at TV Series Hub, we would like to thank Marc for taking the time to talk with us. See below for the full interview.


  1. “The Tick” drops on Amazon on April 5th, and your starring as Agent Commander Tyrannosaurus Rathbone, give us a little insight into what we can expect from the series and what we can expect from your character.

    Tyrannosaurus Rathbone, commander of Aegis, the agency that polices superhero activity, has brought an Aegis branch back to The City with the capture of The Terror. So it’s basically Big Brother coming back to town. Which means an influx of super hero activity. Which means more super heroes. Which means more surveillance. Which means more secrets…..Rathbone promises to shield the city from any and all dangers, but he has such an absolute, blunt sense of what’s right and wrong, and he’s such a natural poker player, that it’s hard to get a bead on where he stands with just about anything. So the season is very much about individual characters coming to terms with themselves, and how they figure into the bigger picture with each other.

    2. I’ve heard that your character is a cross between Nick Fury from “Shield” and Robert Duvall from “Apocalypse Now” — would you agree? If you could describe your character in five words, what would they be?

    Rathbone- Hard assed, old school peacekeeper
    So yes, Robert Duvall and Nick Fury had this baby

    3. Was preparing for your role on “The Tick” any different from your preparation for Dr. Gus on “Billions”? Or were there similarities you discovered that helped inform the other?

    The joy of playing both Rathbone and Dr Gus from Billions is that they are both so wildly unapologetic…and both have their absolute beliefs. So, preparation?…..more like just get in there and swing it….

    4. Speaking of Dr. Gus, he returns in the new season of “Billions” and has been receiving some great reviews, what can you tease about his trajectory this season?

    If Billions is a 5 course meal, Dr Gus is the sriracha sauce you throw on it every now and then, give it a little spice, it burns, but it’s tasty…so expect what you’d expect from Gus…

    5.  If there was one piece of advice that you would give to young creatives striving to break into the industry, what would it be?

    To any young creative mind breaking into this business, I’d say know what you have to say, what you’re driven to say, what you need to say to the audience. Be passionate, be collaborative, be focused, and be patient. So, be YOU