A.P. Bio (S02E06) “Melvin”

While Jack deals with an older neighbor; Ralph must try to find a way to save money during school photo day. Here’s a recap!


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When Jack had enough of his elderly neighbor, Melvin (played by Christopher Llyod). After dealing with Melvin’s shenanigans that includes during a so-called “hangout” with Lynette. He teams up with Lynette and his students to kidnap his dog and leave him a ransom note.

But after a day or two, as Jack drops off Melvin’s dog, he and Lynette get stopped when they see police and ambulance at Melvin’s place and learn that Melvin had died. It wasn’t a broken heart but died choking on a piece of chicken. But Melvin leaves a letter to Jack thanking him for one here of a great time back and forth each other or tormenting.

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Meanwhile, Ralph learned that their photographer had raised his price to do the school photos. So Ralph decides to do the photos himself; but within two days he only took four photos of one student and three teachers. After realizing the situation, Ralph picked up the pace and took every single photo of the students, even though most of them probably won’t turn up good at all.

As for Melvin’s dog, Jack decided to give the dog to Dale, the janitor. Dale thinks that the dog was his mop that another janitor put in the magic dumpster. As Dale takes close to the dog, at the end of the episode he puts in a mannequin of a boy and soon the dumpster lights up.

I couldn’t get enough of “Melvin” as it probably has to rank up there in the top three episodes of the season so far. As much as I couldn’t get enough of Jack and Lynette chemistry. I really enjoyed the group of them and the students working together. Not to mention the chemistry between Howerton and Christopher Lylod was amazingly hilarious.

And the scenes with Ralph, Helen, and the teachers were probably one of the best moments of the season so far. And poor Dave, right? The writing was brilliant and the performances were amazingly great! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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