The Flash(S05E18) “Godspeed”

Alright, guys and gals we had a phenomenal episode brought to us tonight and it was so good! We have so many questions and some answers. This episode was a special episode because not only was it directed by an actress of the show, it was also an important episode to see what happens next and maybe explains the rise of a new villain for the next season. But let’s get to this review!

origin stories

So in this episode as we saw poor Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) lay silent in the pipeline prison, Barry (Grant Gustin) and fellow Team Flash members choose to read Nora’s journal to find out how she started working with the greatest enemy of Barry of all time Thawne/Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh). When they started reading the origin story of Nora Allen/XS, it was a great origin story. It revealed her first villain to fight was a speedster, just like how it was for Barry.

The origin story also introduced a friend and colleague Lia (Kathryn Gallagher). Sadly, just as she was introduced she also became a victim to Godspeed (voiced by BD Wong), even though the story for Godspeed was altered for the series, which kinda sucks because I was hoping he would’ve been at least similar to his comic counterpart. Instead, he turned out to be kind of awesome but disappointing at the same time.

Okay, so Godspeed in the comics was a cop who was given his speed through a wacky lightning storm that happened when the speed force needed a speedster to sacrifice themselves. Of course in the comics, it had to be Wally from what I remember. But when Godspeed was created with a dozen of other speedsters, they were all trained by Barry Allen. Eventually, Godspeed didn’t like the ways of Barry and wanted to go his own path which forced him to become a villainous speedster that Barry and Wally had to defeat.

Now that’s the comics version that I remember which sounds pretty awesome right? That’s kind of the version I was hoping they would use for the series. Instead, we got a completely different version that was a man who found in Mercury Labs some of the Velocity-9 that Trajectory had created way back then that gave Godspeed his speed abilities but only temporarily. This is why Godspeed was stealing chemicals; to combine with the Velocity-9 to make his speed permanent.

another crossover in the works?

Now in the story, Godspeed had been defeated and thrown in jail. His identity was August Heart (Kindall Charters) and since he was taken to jail and all chemicals and Velocity-9 were taken to evidence I don’t think it will be the same guy who becomes Godspeed in the next season. That is if they choose to have Godspeed return as the big bad for next season. If anything, I feel like Nora’s origin story isn’t meant to be an origin story for a hero but eventually the origin story of a villain.

What makes me think that?

Well, when Nora is taken back to her timeline by Barry, she is both shocked and angered by what her father had told her. He said to never return because if she does he will know. Apparently, he and the speed force have some kind of special connection. So did Barry make her daughter into a villain?  I feel like this is where the story might be heading for Nora. Perhaps Nora will even become the new Godspeed for Season 6? Anything is really possible if you ask me!

We also saw the origin of how Thawne became interested in training Nora to help her bring down Godspeed. But it didn’t stop there like how we all know. Instead, Thawne became kind of like a surrogate father/trainer to the speedster. If Nora had not mentioned Lia being killed by Godspeed in front of her, then Thawne would never have agreed to help Nora find out that her father is the Flash. But it’s thanks to Gideon (Morena Baccarin) that Nora was able to know some info, It also gave us a video from the next crossover Crisis of Infinite Earths. But where in the crossover will they be when Barry films the video that Nora will see in her timeline? I think it might happen in either Gotham or Central City. We will see soon enough!

final thoughts

Alright, so Danielle Panabaker did a phenomenal job for directing. She brought us all a phenomenal episode that we will forever remember. I hope they give her the chance to direct again because she did a great job. Her time behind the camera really has shown us some amazing work, I really love the camera angles that she chose to use in some of the scenes of the episode. Sir Tom Cavanagh really taught her well. I hope she’s able to continue on her directing with other episodes of The Flash, Supergirl,  Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, or Black Lightning.  Maybe even Batwoman. I think we need more woman directors for TV! I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did!

Next Episode: The Flash (S05E19) “Snow Pack” airs Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at 8/7c on The CW